A blast from the Past

Yesterday, Primary 1/2 held a class museum to showcase their work on the project ‘When Mum Was a Girl’.  Parents, grandparents and friends were invited to come along to see what the pupils had been learning over the last few weeks.  Everyone worked really hard. For homework, the pupils asked their mum a few questions about life when they were young and we used the answers to make graphs and signs to display in the museum.   The mums sent in ‘artefacts’ from when they were a girl, many of  which brought back fond memories for the visitors.  The pupils made signs, labels, maps and guidebooks to help the visitors during their time in the museum.  The afternoon was very well attended and the pupils enjoyed showing the visitors around the exhibits and taking photos.  The audiotour was very popular, as was the music from the 80s!   Thank you to everyone who supported us both on the day and for providing lots of interesting exhibits.

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  1. Great photographs. I thought this was a great project to compare our childhoods with our children’s. I wish I could have come along to the museum but not sorry I missed the Wham! records though….

  2. We were at the P1’s museum and particularly liked the Charlie’s Angels doll with a gold jumpsuit and we spotted that Mrs Murdoch has a rather tasty collection of Beatles memorabilia. You’re very brave to have brought that in!

    Ralph & Sheila

  3. Fantastic project. Millie loved raking through the boxes of stuff from my childhood. It also prompted us to visit the Museum of Childhood during the hols, which was a lovely day out. She loves playing with my old Tiny Tears despite its battered eye and funny homemade clothes, and found the Petite typewriter hilarious as you have to hit the keys so hard!
    Millie H’s mummy

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