Crawling in mud, scary jumps & posh frocks

Hello to mums, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, pets everywhere (and Mrs Kerr),

Its official – we don’t want to come home (well for ages at least). Signed – James, George, Caitlin, Kaitlyn, Natasha, Henry, Harry, Joe, Declan, Hannah, Orla, Catherine, Euan, Stewart, Jacks (both) and Rory.

Yesterday we did the zip-wire where you had go up to the top of the kingswood tower which was the highest point in kingswood. It was sooooooooooooooooooo scary. Then we did saving swampy where you had to go out to the woods and gather evidence to free Swampy the eco-warrior from the evil chemical business and save his woodland. From Euan

This camp is amazing! Unfortunately It’s almost over. I wish I could stay for longer. My fav activity was the giant zipwire – it was scary when I had to jump off the big huge tower but so fun. Having a great time! Jack T. P.S I’m not missing you!!

I am having such an amazing time. It is so fun. All of the food is yummy (better than yours). After we finish our meals we go and play football for a bit. My favourite activity was the scrap heap challenge and we got to soak our leader. Unfortunately not the Mr Cain and the other teachers. Love from Harry xxxxxxx

I’m having a great time. I went on the zipwire yesterday and the 3G swing. It was scary but I’m hardly scared of heights any more! The food here is lovely as well. From Glen xxx

We got to camp on Sunday evening and did some activities which were great. Yesterday I went on the zipwire which is so much fun. Today I’m looking forward to doing the leap of faith and the nightline. From Alasdair

I’m really enjoying camp and our room is really good. This morning I accidently clipped my tongue to my braces “OUCH”. PS I’m not missing you ha ha Joe

I`m having a great time and my room is really good. Yesterday I did the zipwire. It was very scary but fun at the same time. Today we are doing the Leap of Faith. See you soon byee. From Arran

I had a lot of fun on the 3g swing. It was my favourite. You had a choose what height you went up and I went to the very top. When you got to the top you had to pull a string and you went flying like a bird in the sky. I’m looking forward to the Leap of Faith. Well hope to see you soon. From Chloe-jo.

Fantasic day – leap of faith, archery, crawling through a maze in nightline and investigated a crime in CSI. Love Dec

I have caught the Leap of Faith, shot a lazer gun and Mr Cain tickled my ear (and pretended it was a bug) and poured water down my neck (and pretended it was raining) on nightline. Jack G

We are going to the lazer zone and I have been caught red handed knocking on the wall to keep the next door up. Rory!!!!!!!!

Hi today we have done the leap of faith – it was awesome. I’ve had a good time and don’t want to leave. Love you lots. Natasha xxxxxx

On nightline lots of us got wet and muddy (I’m going to get Mr Cain back !). It was my first time at lazer and it was really fun. At the start of the day we did CSI. It was very good and we used lots of new technical equipment. We will finish solving who did it tomorrow. Hannah

Hiya I went on the leap of faith and I jumped on to the trapeze!!!!!woooh and we did lazer sooooo much fun and nightline was sooo good I got soaked (by mr Cain). CSI was very good and so was archery. We’ve got disco tonight and tomorrow we have 3g swing wooooooooh and finding out who did the crime in CSI. Byeeeeeeeeeee. Catherine

Hi – I did the leap of faith and although I didn’t get to the top I did get really high. I enjoyed using the microscope in CSI and firing arrows in archery. Nightline was good and we got wet & muddy (Mr Cain is going to get it !!). Looking forward so much to 3G swing tomorrow. Love you lots. Ellis.


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  1. Can’t believe that’s camp nearly over!! It’s been good to see every night what you’ve all been up to! You all look great for the disco but I’m VERY disappointed that Mr Cain was not in the pic’s with his ‘posh frock’ on (bet he was still getting ready!!) 😉
    Kaitlyn – we look forward to seeing you tomorrow and Sam will be here (asc) when you get of the bus tomorrow. x
    Have a safe journey home P7.

  2. Noooo! it can’t really be today when you get back, gosh how quickly time goes when your enjoying yourself. What do you mean “better than yours”!!? looking forward to seeing you Haz xxxx

  3. Looking forward to seeing you Han. Now starts the mad rush to get everything orgainsed, once again, for your Guide trip to Mull on Friday. The washing machine is all set…… 🙂 x

  4. It sounds like you’ve had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you today to hear all about it!

  5. I’m sure you’ve had a great time and would love to stay longer. Look forward to having you back though, Alasdair!

  6. ive been to camp in 2007 it was great. It looked even better done up!

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