P3/4 Viking Visit to the NMS

9.15 Leave Pencaitland on the bus heading for the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street for our Vikings visit.  There’s quiet anticipation on the bus.

10.00 Arrive at the Museum to find it shut!  Luckily only for a couple of minutes before we’re let in and are told to wait for our guide.

10.10 No guide so we’re given the key to the Viking Handling Box and pointed in the general direction.  We finally find it and get started.

All of us get to look at and handle various Viking artefacts and discuss what they’re made of, what they’re for and who would have used them.

We’re booked here until 11.30.  However, another school arrives at 11 o’clock!  Tough – they’ll have to wait.

11.30 The highlight of the day – Junior Viking School Ulrika Redhead and Sven the Handsome (his name for himself) lead the whole class in a lesson about becoming Vikings – helmets, names, axes and much more.

12.30 We head up to the packed lunch room where we’re supposed to have our lunch to find another school party already there and booked in until 2.00!  We find somewhere else for lunch and enjoy a break.

The rest of the time was spent in groups investigating anything Scottish (of which there is plenty) before visiting the interactive area for some, dare I say it … FUN!

A rather noisy return bus journey involving songs about pushing teachers off buses, feeding teachers to crocodiles etc. ended safely back at School.

Despite the hiccups, a good time was had by all.  A massive thank you to the mums who came along to help.

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