Primary 1 Visit from the Tortoise and the African White Hedgehog

On the 29th October Primary¬†1 had a visit from 2 very special guests. During the past few weeks we had been looking at homes and had been on a walk into the Pencaitland woods to see if we could find some animals and/or their homes. I thought it would be nice if we could see some animals that we might not ordinarily get to see, so I brought in a tortoise¬† (Fred) and an African white hedgehog (Rosy). Rosy was very grumpy so didn’t do very much however Fred enjoyed being out in our classroom for the entire day; we even took him with us to join in on our PHAT Friday activities with the Primary 7s.

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  1. Great to see you all having fun with Fred- what a lucky tortoise getting all that attention, and very brave of you to have him on your knees. Rosy looks very cute although quite jaggy!

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