Our WW2 Day at East Fortune

Yesterday we went on our trip to the Museum of Flight to have a look at planes from 1939-1945 and to learn what it was like to be drafted in to the RAF (royal air force) without a choice. First we got to have a look round Concorde (not in WW2) but it is not as fancy inside as you might think. Then we went round a small interactive war room where we got to try and find some enemy submarines, repair a hole in an airship and build an engine. We also saw a movie about what East Fortune was like in the war. Next we got to go in the big hangers and saw a german airplane called Komet which was actually a rocket! We also saw a british airiplane called a Spitfire and found out that the fuel tank was under the pilots chair. Dangerous or what! Some of us tried on some flying costumes. Then we found out what life was like for someone drafted (forced to work at East Fortune) and we tried on more clothes, had to pack our kit, got shouted at by a sergeant and had to write a postcard home. Then we had lunch and in the afternoon got to go on the interactive exhibits in Wonders Of Flight which was great fun. At the end we got to go to the shop (with Mrs McBey) and had a go on the assault course (with Mr Cain). It was a great day.

Rowan & Fabian

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