P5/6 Home Activities!

Hi all,

As you have probably heard I wont be seeing any of you  now until Monday! 🙁  I really hope you are all well and are still enjoying the snow! Over the next few days here are some activities you could try;

Why not make a winter scene collage using old magazines/newspapers  for our class display.

Please keep up all personal reading and don’t forget to record it in your reading diaries.

You could also revise your 6, 9, and 11 times tables.

Miss Carmody.

4 Replies to “P5/6 Home Activities!”

  1. Hi Miss Carmody,

    Mum’s got me working hard making a collage to bring in. We’ve been up at school taking photos and sledging in the dark. Starting to get bored now with all this white stuff. Looking forward to school on Monday.


  2. Glad to hear ur keeping busy Jack! I managed to make it out to Pencaitland today, just in school and cannot believe how much snow there is!!Hope to see you all on Monday!

  3. I am starting to get a little bored too Jack!
    It would also be good if people could take a picture of their garden so we can see what they all look like now! I have been taking daily pictures of the icicles hagning from my roof.

    See you all Monday
    Mrs Robertson

  4. I found an icicle in the shape of a T. It is really big. I’ve buried it to keep it cold. I’ll bring in a picture on Monday. The snow is half way up our downstairs windows and I can’t see a thing out of my bedroom. becasue the window is covered. See you on Monday.

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