Whit A Week !

P7 have probably completed their most exhausting week to date.  I have to say they excelled themselves during all the following activities which had to be crammed into just one week.

1) Putting on the WW2 “make do and mend” fashion show for the whole school.

2) Getting the dinner hall ready, and helping the whole school through their Christmas lunch (before they could get theirs).

3) Putting on the “Braw Brew” assembly with Mrs McCall to help explain what Effective Contributors mean.

4) Surveying the school on “A Right Blether” (which meant they had to buddy up with the infants).

5) Participating in our 1940?s evacuation day.

I have to say I was very impressed with all the effort and commitment shown by P7 in what was a really busy week. I’m proud of you all!

If you want to see the stunning photos click here.

Mr Cain