Didn’t they do well?

P3/4 and P4/5 entertained the whole school with a performance on Wednesday followed by 2 sell-out performances for parents and friends yesterday.  I could go on for ages about the stars of the show, but there’s far too many – 47 actually!!

Well done to all, especially Scrooge, and a massive thank you to everyone who helped with costumes etc.

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8 Replies to “Didn’t they do well?”

  1. What a great show! Well done to everyone who worked so hard, especially the children. It was very professional, we especially liked the dancing ghosts.

  2. We really enjoyed the show, the kids were brilliant. Well done everyone, you’ve all worked very hard.

  3. What a fantastic show! You all did such an amazing job – thank you for a top class performance, it was totally brilliant!

  4. That was a really ambitious, packed 45 minute show, and you had to work around missing a week of rehearsals. Well done to all the actors, singers and dancers, AND the teaching staff!

  5. Wow !!!
    Your show was amazing 🙂
    Well done to all of you and your teachers for making the show such a big success.

    Keep up the good work!

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