Taking part in your Parents and Teachers Association

Dear Parent / Carer,

Now, more than at any other time, the role of the PTA in ensuring our children get the best from their time at Pencaitland Primary School is paramount. With increasing costs and decreasing funding the need for the whole of the school community to contribute to getting the best for our children is greater now than it ever has been. During the last school year PTA funding for trips, equipment, Christmas festivities, French Club and assorted projects, for both nursery and school children, amounted to over £6,000. Without the PTA these things would not have been possible.

This year the majority of the current committee will be moving on and it is really
important that we take the opportunity to share what has been learned with those who
will take the reins in this coming year. To ensure that everyone is represented the aim
this year is to have at least one PTA member from each year group, including nursery, on
the committee. Please take this as an invitation to discuss with other parents / carers in
your circles what you feel would be useful and who would be willing to join the PTA. If
you feel you’d like to find out more, would like to chat about the role of the PTA, formally or informally, as an individual or a group, please feel free to get in touch with any of the
people listed. As stated, it is really important to come forward this year to make sure that
PPS maintain a PTA and that there are sufficient people to share the activities.

The PTA AGM will be held at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 7th September at the school
and it would be really good if all those who would consider a role within the PTA had made
themselves known before this. In addition to ordinary committee members, a new
Chairperson and Secretary are needed this year and there are no known candidates for
these posts at present. It is felt that the PTA would greatly benefit from some fresh faces,
especially younger members of the community and those enthusiastic supporters who are
always to be relied upon but have not formally joined the committee. To find out more
about PTA please feel free to talk to one of the following :-

Click here for the PTA Volunteer Form [PDF]

Yours sincerely,

Ann Scott-Fleming, Secretary, Pencaitland PTA