Primary 3 have been on an Outdoor Journey

Over the last few weeks, with the help of June Murray from Edinburgh University, Primary 3 have been on an Outdoor Journey.

We planned a trip into the woods where we had to find anything that was man-made.  We also had to come back with 2 questions each.  From these questions we got into groups who wanted to find out about the same things – ‘trees’, ‘the river’, ‘animals and bugs’ and ‘man made things’.

The Primary 7s helped us with our research.  This also lead us to further journeys into the woods to find answers and, quite often, more questions.

At the end we presented our findings to the rest of the class.  Everyone had a great time.

A DVD of our journey was made for Mrs Murray to use at a recent Outdoor Education conference.  The content of the DVD can be viewed on YouTube.

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