2011 Homework Survey – Results

Pencaitland Parent Council recently surveyed parents about their views on the homework completed by children. Information was gathered through an online and paper-based survey, two focus groups of parents and one focus group with children ranging from P3-P7. The Parent Council was delighted with almost 90 responses to the survey and good attendance at the focus groups.survey results - click for more information

As part of this update we are making the quantitative numbers from the survey available to parents who are interested to know more.

Generally parents of children in P5-P7 thought the homework set was about right in terms of the amount and content. However, there was less consistency in the views of parents about the amount of homework set for much younger age groups; some said it was too much while others wanted more in terms of maths and practicing handwriting.

Overwhelmingly parents agreed with the principle of homework, but made helpful suggestions about the type of homework thought to be useful and how it could be set. The views and suggestions of parents are being taken forward by the staff in the school and will inform revisions to the homework policy.

Overall, however, parents appreciated the variety and the school’s commitment to homework as it was thought to provide a valuable insight into the child’s progress on a regular basis.

Sarah Kurt-Elli
Chair, Pencaitland Parent Council
Your PC Team.

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