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As we start the new year, the PTA is firming up spending plans for 2012. Our current top priority is an overhaul of the PA system in the school hall for which we are seeking additional sources of funding to cover the substantial cost of this improvement. We are also in the process of funding a wide range of books for the new library area. As we consider options and priorities for spending in this year and future years, we’d love to hear suggestions from parents and pupils. What do you feel should be the top priorities for PTA spending? Please share your ideas by commenting on this blog post, sending email to, or speaking to any of the PTA in person.

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  1. Now that the nursery have such a fab play area the kids in the school would like some more fun activities in their playground. Maybe Mrs Kerr will come back with some suggestions from her workshop on outdoor learning?

  2. Whilst any spending on new equipment for the school is to be welcomed, is a PA system for the school hall really a top priority? What is this going to be used for and realistically how often will it be used? I would agree with Debbie and much rather see money spent on the playground area as it’s looking very drab and tired. Also books in my view take priority over any PA system

  3. Stephen, thanks for your feedback. The great thing is we have the funding to upgrade the PA, supply the books and do more, so it’s not a case of one or the other. The PA will be quite extensively used I expect for assemblies, school shows of various kinds, and so on. The PTA are planning to run a playground survey to gather more feedback from parents soon. We have heard from many pupils and parents that the playground needs some attention. Thanks again for sharing your views.

  4. Thanks Mat. Good to hear that you will be canvassing for views on the playground. on the playground it really is in need of some work as it doesn’t look like it hasn’t changed much since I was at the primary over thirty years ago!

  5. There will be a small team of PTA members in the playground next week asking parents and children for their views on future PTA spending. We have added all suggestions made so far to a list for people to rate on a scale of 1-10 of importance. I’m looking forward to hearing new suggestions too! See you soon! Charlotte.

  6. Unfortunately I am very unlikely to be in the school over the next week due to work commitments, as I suspect a lot of other parents that would like to share their view. Any chance of posting something up on the blog so that we can also have our say? Perhaps we could get the school to put a note in each child’s homework book reminding parents to have their say.

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