Zero Waste Heroes

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are learning how reducing the amount of waste we throw away can have a positive impact on the environment.

As part of this work we are holding a waste-free packed lunch competition on Monday 5th
March 2012.

We hope as many pupils as possible are able to participate, including those who usually have school dinners.

The ECO  group will be the local Zer0 Waste Hero Gang.

The aim of the waste-free lunch is for each pupil to bring a packed lunch, which produces as little food and packaging waste as possible. Points will be awarded to the students
or class with the least amount of rubbish that needs throwing away at the end.
A clean plate wins a sticker!

Ideas for creating a waste-free lunch include:

• use containers that can be used again. e.g. Tupperware, a flask or an old ice cream box;

• avoid using disposable packaging and individually wrapped snacks;  

and if you can’t reuse the packaging, ensure it is recyclable or compostable.


Thanks very much from the ECO