7 Replies to “Famous Last Words – ‘What Iceberg?’”

  1. These are absolutely fantastic. Not 100% sure whether I should be congratulating the kids, the parents or both 🙂

    I think my favourite is the cake, which I don’t think survived long enough to sink to the bottom.

    So what’s next? The Hindenberg 🙂


  2. P3, these are amazing. Well done, you should all be really proud. It’s lovely to see how imaginative you have all been both with the materials and the designs. I’m looking forward to seeing them for real at Parents’ Evening.

  3. Well done everyone, parents and kids alike. It looks like more fun than the homework I used to do!

  4. Well done P3, these are amazing – looks like everyone put in a lot of effort. The variety and detail were only surpassed by parents’ anxiety in delivering them safely to the classroom door 😀

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