Technologies Week

There was a wide variety of activities across the school all week. From using our Beebots (programmable toys) in a castle adventure to exploring how products have changed over time  such as clocks, phones and cameras.

As part of technologies week, P7 were given the task of creating a ‘company with a product’ in the style of Dragons Den. I had the privilege of taking on the role of one of the “dragons” as the P7’s presented their product, tag line and pitch. I was so impressed with each groups’ composure and confidence as they took me through each phase of their product from initial idea to costing to TV adverts. The pupils in P7 held up well to intense questioning and were totally professional. I certainly think we have a few budding entrepreneurs!

P6 and P3 formed small groups to take part in The Great Egg Race. They had to work together to design a vehicle that can carry and egg (golf ball) over a 5 m distance.

Each part of the week was marked based on the design of the vehicle, use of tools, how the vehicles performed in the race at the end of the week as well as group work and of course creativity!

The Great Egg Race was a great success! They all worked really hard on their designs and loved the race on Friday. Each group had 3 attempts to power their vehicle over a 5 metre course. It came down to a tense finish where not only some vehicles managed the 5 m course but we had to time it to see who was the fastest. It was within tenths of seconds between groups!

Our week ended with visits from our grandparents who toured the school to see all the skills our pupils are gaining throughout the school. We were lucky enough that some of our grandparents brought along items from their childhood and our P7 pupils filmed them talking about them. We will be keeping these for future reference!