John Muir

 Over the course of the year P5 have been discovering lots about the life of John Muir and the importance of conservation.  The pupils have worked together to redesign the Quiet Area of the school grounds to create a wonderful calm, relaxing and inviting space for pupils and wildlife alike. Thanks to some fantastic parent helpers, P5 got down to some hard digging in order to plant a variety of fruit trees for future PPS pupils to enjoy.  We are looking forward to future planting and painting afternoons! More recently we had a very interesting trip to John Muir Birthplace and had a wonderful day at Edinburgh Zoo, exploring new ways to protect endangered animals and visiting some very sleepy pandas. More recently, P5 spent a fantastic, though noisy, afternoon constructing bird boxes with Richard The Ranger.  I think you will agree they did a wonderful job!

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  1. Hi the days we spent doing john muir were brilliant P5 did an amazing job and i hope people will enjoy the hard work we put into the project

    P.s Thanks to all the people who helped us do it

  2. wow all that digging was hard but it really payed of now we are in p6 2013 it looks glorious all the vibrant colours are coming out hope everyone who done it had fun it does look great!

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