Another John Muir Update

We have been continuing with lots of activities for our John Muir award project. Last week we were out in the woods on a scavenger hunt looking for lots of different items like – a smooth piece of tree bark, a shiny holly leaf, evidence of animals, a pine cone smaller than your thumb and lots more. It was fun searching through all the bushes and the mud! Josie S’s group was the winner. They found everything but one thing on the list. We had done a scavenger hunt in the school grounds in September and we talked about how the things we had found this time were different.

Today we were back in the woods but this time we were making dens. We had to build a shelter that would hold all our group (4 or 5 of us) in case we had to survive in the wild. We even had to camouflage it so it would not scare the wildlife. I liked making the dens because you had lots of trees to choose from and lots of equipment. Our group made a stick wall and a back window and two of the boys found a small lizard or newt. It was good to explore and look  for sticks in all different sizes for different parts of the den.

Our fish are still growing. The baby trout are called fry and are using up their yolk sacs. We will be releasing them into the river. This is part of the project about conserving a wild area and we are looking after the river.

By Ellie, Rory, Olivia & Daniel P5.

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  1. Looks like you are having an amazing time P5!!
    Your den building is fantastic! 🙂

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