Bye Bye Fishies!

It was a sad day. It was time to release the trout that we had looked after since they were just eggs. Dr Girvan said we had done a wonderful job in looking after them and that she had never seen so many survive and be so wriggly. We think it was because we kept the water so cold – we even had the heaters off for the whole 5 weeks. Mr Cain said it was an important part of our John Muir award. Putting more fish back into the river was helping to conserve our local area. We each got a bag of trout fry to carry to the river. Dr Girvan collected all the fish into a bucket and let them go slowly into the river. They quickly disappeared and hid under the stones. She then showed us how to collect a sample from the bottom of the river and we looked for small creatures our trout fry might eat. And then we all got a turn to try it as well. Although it was sad to see our fish go it was good that they got to go back to the real river. And at least we will get our heaters back on too!  By P5

We enjoyed looking after the fish for five weeks and keeping them cool by swapping the ice bottles over.  HannahK.

I enjoyed going in to the  river to find water insects that the fish eat.  We even caught one of our own trout but we set it back free. I can’t believe we let 200 fish out into the river. Thomas.

I could not wait to turn the heating back up but I was still sad when we had to let them free but at maximum about ten died so we were very happy with the amount that survived.  Josie s-f

I really en joyed looking after the fish. I was really suprised how many fish survived during the time. It was awsome letting them out in the river.  Euan S

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  1. I loved having the fish in the class room,I called all of my ones in my bag BOB!!!!!!!

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