The children in Primary 1X have been learning about mini beasts this week. We used an interactive programme ( to discover the kinds of places that mini beasts like to live.

We then went out in to the playground, and school garden, to see if we could find any mini beasts.  We found lots of centipedes, beetles and a snail. Some of us were very eager to hold the mini beasts,  others were not so keen! Whilst outside we also collected some worms for our classroom ‘Worm World’ (kindly donated to the class by Issi and family). This allows us to view worms in their own environment. We are all very excited about having ‘Worm World’ in class and look forward to watching our worms settle into their temporary home.

 You can view some pictures of our outdoor fun by clicking on the link below:

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  1. The pictures are brilliant!! Great to see what they have been up to. Really like this one of Niamh !!

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