P5 Invade The Botanics!

Yesterday we all went to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to learn more about flowers and plants and as a great way to finish our work on the John Muir award. It was awesome fun and there were some really interesting flowers and trees. I would definitely go there again with the school or my family. My favourite plant was definitely the horse tails some stripy bamboo things that that came from the Jurassic era. The botanic gardens were awesome!!!! 🙂 We even saw big fish!!!!!! In the glass houses we saw a fly traps and really cool pitcher plants. They have very, very slippery edges so when a fly comes it slips in and gets digested. We learned about pollination and germination too. It was a lot of fun at the pond bits with all the fish because they became the main attraction instead of all the difrent kinds of plants.

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