The children in Primary 1X have been busy learning about how plants grow this week. We discussed all of the different things we thought a plant would need in order to grow and agreed that plants needed water, sunlight and soil in order to grow. We created 3 experiments to check if plants needed these to grow or not.

For the first experiment we planted two lots of cress seeds. One set of seeds has access to water and the other doesn’t. We planted two more sets of seeds for experiment number two. The first set have access to sunlight, whilst the others are being kept in darkness. For our final experiment we planted some seeds in cotton wool and others in soil.

We decided that these experiments were fair and would help us to decide what plants need in order to grow. We are looking forward to finding out the results of our experiments.

We have also been learning about the different parts of a plant this week. We played a game of fastest pointer in the school garden, to show how many different parts of a plant we know the names for.

The link below contains pictures of us setting up our experiment and playing our faster finger game:

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  1. Fruit and flower seeds are easily available at a nursery; again make sure you select good quality fruit tree seeds, and select the variety of fruit you want to grow. For example, there are various varieties of apples, try to get your hands on the seeds that are native to your region. Some of fruit and flower plants grown using seeds are peaches, apricots, nectarines, roses, sunflower, etc.

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