Edinburgh Castle Trip


Children from both Primary 1 classes visited Edinburgh castle yesterday (Thursday the 6th). All the children had lots of fun. Primary 1X explored the castle on our own and visited lots of exciting places like the dungeons. We also went to see the crown jewels! After some time exploring on our own we had lunch in the Argyll Tower. The Argyll Tower has stunning views over the city of Edinburgh and we all really enjoyed looking out over the city as we ate our lunch.

In the afternoon we took part in a workshop where we got to dress up as some of the people who used to live and work in castles. Some of us were knights, others were cooks, lords and ladies, blacksmiths etc. The children all loved dressing up. We even got to handle some objects  from the past and try on some helmets and armour that knights would have worn.

We had a fantastic (and tiring) day and would like to thank our 3 parent helpers: Mrs Budgen, Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Higgins for all their help, support and enthusiasm throughout the day.

You can view some pictures of the children at the castle by clicking on this link:




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  1. Loved looking at the blog this year, thankyou to Mr Thomson for keeping us ip to date and lots of wonderful pictures too!

  2. Great trip to the castle was had by all. It was a pleasure to help out.
    Thanks to Mr Thomson for regularly updating the blog. Great photos!

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