John Muir Update

P5 are continuing to work towards the John Muir Discovery Award. Today we had Rhian in to take a John Muir themed dance workshop. The class had to imagine how different animals would move and then create movements based on these words. Then a number of these movements had to be linked together to make a small dance routine. And finally, groups got together to pair up their dance routines into a combined masterclass!In the afternoon we went outdoors (it was very cold but we wrapped up as best we could) and had a storytelling session. The class created a scary story about a haunted house in Japan. After that we made up stories to explain what was behind some of today’s newspaper headlines that had been mixed up. It was unusual but fun taking our learning outside.

Mr Cain



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  1. I loved the dance workshop so much especially the dancing groups but my favourite dance group was 4

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