It’s A John Muir Packed Week

This week has been jammed packed with John Muir stuff for us in P5.  On Monday the dance lady came in and took us for a dance lesson based on John Muir. We had to choose cards with animals on them and then choose 3 words that described how they moved. After that we had to create a move for each word and join them together to make a small dance sequence. We then got into different pairs and chose 8 movement words from a big group and created a move for each one and joined them together to make a bigger sequence. And finally two pairs got together and showed each other their sequences to a make a huge dance sequence of 16 steps. It was fun putting the movements together and watching the groups perform.                                                                                                                On Wednesday we had a class trip to the John Muir birthplace museum in Dunbar. The museum is in three floors and we were split into three groups to go round. The ground floor is all about John Muir as a boy in Scotland. The middle floor is all about John Muir’s work in America and the top floor is all about things that happened after he had died. We found out loads on interesting facts and jotted them down on our note sheets.  We played the computer games and watched the DVD. We even got to try the belt – it was sore!! Once we had finished we got to tell each other some acts we had learned while sitting on John Muir’s loafer chair which played strange sounds to scare lazy people. Some of the sounds were funny.                                                                                                                                           On Thursday, Shonagh the drama teacher came in and did a drama lesson on what John Muir was like as a boy. His dad was very fierce. She even got Mr Cain to play the part of the grumpy dad too. We pretended to take eggs from the chickens in the next door farm and got chased by the farmer. We also got to be the John Muir’s children when they found out they were going to America the next morning. We learned loads about what he was like as a boy.

Cailean & Angus