5 Surprising Ways to Encourage Your Kid & No Such Thing as Failure.

There’s No Such Thing As Failure.

Have you heard that?….Or another, There’s No Failure, Only Feedback. Both are saying the same thing. Situations / outcomes may not work out exactly the way you thought it would / hoped it might, but each time we fail to achieve what we set out to do at that time, we actually have useful information and experience which we can use to persevere with, creating positive steps to change something and improve our efforts.

Learning to trust ourselves to cope with both failure and success – and continue to grow, develop and shape is very important for all of us, as we develop independent and interdependent skills.

RIE stands for Resources for Infant Educarers. (All parents fall into the Educarers group). The concept of Magda Gerber, a much respected expert in child care and the belief that the child is born primed to evolve therefore parents and others need to facilitate it rather than lead it.

Janet Lansbury is probably one of the most well-known supporters and advocates of RIE today, following her earlier fame as an actress. The principals of RIE parent style can be echoed throughout childhood and into adolescence, by parents, carers, schools staff and more. The work of Magda Gerber links directly to Growth Mindset, resourcefulness, self efficacy and resilience as can be seen from this post; 5 Surprising Ways to Encourage Your Kids