60 second update!


This week we worked on the story “We’re going on a bear hunt” we sequenced the story and cut paper to make long, wavy grass and swirling, whirling snowstorms.

We went into the school garden on an adventure. We visited P1B for a story and our new P6 buddies came for a play.


Primary 1R

P1R are working so hard! Popular activities this week were making and using puppets to retell the story about the little red hen and planting oil seed rape, barley and wheat like real farmers do!

All P1 teachers would like to thank the parents who managed to make the welcome evening. Your support with the homework is much appreciated.


Primary 1B

Primary 1B have enjoyed the drama taster session on Wednesday. They had lots of fun and were very creative and imaginative.


Primary 2

This week in primary 2 we have been working on our number bonds, and counting backwards. In literacy we have been continuing our work on The BFG, as well as beginning some creative writing about ‘our time machines’. In our topic work we have moved from looking at endangered animals, to learning about dinosaurs and what they used to eat. Class reading books have been given out this week also.


Primary 3

This week the children in P3 have enjoyed finding out about the planets in our solar system and have been working on their mini fact files. On Wednesday, they took part in an exciting taster drama session and made up a fantastic story through role-play, with the bus driver (Tahlia), Buck the astronaut (Eoin), the alien (Dillon), Mr. Smartypants (Rory), the Green Bogey monster (Malcolm) and the space explorers (the class). The children were amazing and of course, saved the planet!


Primary 4

Primary 4 have been learning about perspective in art.  We drew our names in one-point perspective.  They started off big and then disappeared into the distance.  It was quite tricky to do as we needed by be very accurate by using a ruler to draw straight lines.  We think they look great. ‘I thought it was really hard but I tried my best.’ – William.  ‘It was really fun’ – Willow.  ‘I really enjoyed doing it.’ – Arran.  ‘It might have been odd but I still liked it.’ – George.  ‘It was harder than it looked but I managed it.’ – Alex.

Primary 5

This week we have finished reading Varjak Paw! We all really enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading the sequel. We have been learning about streamlining as part of our air resistance work. In art we have created striking faces using opposite colours from the colour wheel.


Primary 6

P6 have had a wonderful week. We were extremely lucky to have had the artist Jacinda Bayne in to spend the afternoon with us. The pupils have gained valuable watercolor skills and seen a fantastic artist create magic on a canvas.


Primary 7

Our Schools Mock Court Project really started this week when we had a visit from 2 practicing solicitors.  Amy worked with the Defenders whilst Elizabeth worked with the Pursuers.


Photos can be seen on the P7 blog at https://edubuzz.org/p7pps.