What’s been going on in Pencaitland this week…?

Week beginning 18th September

60 second update


This week in the nursery a new café opened selling cakes and pizza. We had cooks, customers and waiters taking our orders. We also went over to the fence and found lots of autumn leaves, and used them to cover one of our buddies in P6 until we couldn’t even see them any more. We also read Jack and the Beanstalk and we even had some magic beans in the nursery!


Primary 1B and P1R

Mrs McDougal from RHET  (Royal Highland Education Trust) came in to work with P1 this week. We turned big grinding stones to mill wheat into flour and used the flour to make bread dough. We met Speckle, one of Mrs McDougal’s hens!! She had a lovely red comb, beady eyes, a yellow beak and sharp claws to scratch the ground with. She said hello to us in hen language!!

Primary 2

This week in P2 we have been writing instructions for our very own time machines, and continuing to work on number bonds.

Primary 3

This week we have started two more new things. We have been working in new ‘reading trios’ on reflective reading short read tasks; this will help us develop our skills in working collaboratively. We have also become ‘Big Writing Agents’ and have embarked on a mission investigating what’s in an unusual silver box. We had great fun designing unique watches with top secret features that will help us on our mission! More to follow!

Primary 4

This week, Primary 4 have been learning about the Roman empire. We used atlases to identify and label cities and countries that were major countries and cities of the empire.   The names of the countries have all changed over the years. Some of the names were quite similar and were easy to identify but others needed us to look at a map of Europe and do some research.

Primary 5

This week in Primary 5 we have been carrying out more experiments in science. We have been separating different mixtures of solids, some were easier than others! We have also been reading and writing about another cat, Mr Wuffles.


Primary 6

Primary 6 have worked really hard this week to learn The Rainbow Song in French. They are looking forward to sharing what they have learned with the nursery boys and girls and are excited to hear the nursery boys and girls singing the same song in English.

Primary 7

P7 have started their rugby training with Michael from Ross High Rugby Club.  We will have 3 sessions and then a festival at the rugby club in Tranent.


Some photos can be seen on the P7 blog at https://www.edubuzz.org/p7pps/