60 Second Update 7 December 2017



Christmas has really started in the nursery and we have been making cards and decorations all week, plus we have drawn lovely pictures for Santa. Each day someone opens our advent calendar and hangs a bauble on the Christmas tree. We were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Flockhart this week.


Primary 1B have been enjoying learning some Christmas carols as well as trying on our costumes for our nativity performances which was very exciting!. On our woodland walk we looked at the trees in winter and we have painted silhouettes of winter trees using thick and thin brushes.


It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas! Our special day person opens the advent calendar and pins up the lovely picture every morning.  (We love counting how many sleeps to go!) We had our first nativity practise wearing our costumes.  We look great! Look out for the nativity scene set up in the area.  We made the angels and stars.  In maths we are working with money and have opened a Christmas shop. We need to give the right coins before we can take our purchases away.


P2 have been very busy with nativity practise this week and we got to do our first rehearsals with the whole school, and in our costumes. We have also been making Christmas decorations to hang up in our classroom to make it more festive!

In numeracy we have been creating out own 100 square jigsaws, and our friends have been piecing them back together.

P2 have been practising speaking to a partner in French, greeting each other, asking how their partner is, and telling them something about themselves. We have also been practising counting from 1 -20, and singing the days of the week song.


In numeracy, we have been learning about place value and the value of a digit depending on its position. We’ve been using concrete materials to make 2 digit and 3 digit numbers and finding 10 more/less and 100 more/less. We’re really enjoying playing our new place value ice cream games, counting in 1’s, 10’s and in 100’s.

We had a National Choir taster session on Thursday and loved singing the funny songs and playing the musical games. A big thank you to Charlotte McMillan for giving up her time to come to visit us.


We have been learning highland dancing in PE. The types of dancing that we have been doing are The Flying Scotsman, Canadian Barn Dance and The Virginia Reel. ‘I like doing the banana splits in The Virginia Reel’ (Fergus). ‘You need a partner for each dance’. (Katy) Some of us like to dance to traditional music and some like to dance to modern music. The dances work with both traditional and modern but you need to remember concentrate and count the beats.

We have been learning about different types of electricity.  We wore costumes with batteries, lamps and electrons on them.  ‘The battery gave us energy and the lamps took the energy away.’ (Nina)



We have started our new topic for the new few weeks, Christmas around the world. We have split into groups and are each learning about a different country. We are going to present our findings to each other during the last week of term. In maths we have been revising our times tables and learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.


Primary 6 have had a very exciting week. The P6 Choir members went to the Pencaitland Nursing Home with Mrs Davies to sing Christmas songs to everyone. The non-choir members came with me to the Pencaitland Lunch Club to do some intergenerational work. It was lovely getting to meet some people from the community and getting to know them a little better; we hope to continue to work with them. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our parent helpers who gave up their time to come with us.

Primary 6 have also been doing their individual ‘Try Something New’ presentations, sharing their success, challenges and next steps with everyone; they have been going very well.


The highlight of the week for us was the announcement of the results of the School Mock Court Project for the Lothians. Our Pursuers were 5th and our Defenders 1st – a fantastic achievement by both.  More details in the earlier post.

We have been continuing with supporting P1 with their ICT. There are some photos on the P7 class blog at https://www.edubuzz.org/p7pps/