Building our Library

Developing our library – an invitation to help resource the school library.

As you will know, last session we started developing our new library space in school. Thanks to a group of parents who came into school and moved and reorganised the books.

We still have many more things to do, but I am pleased to say that all classes, including nursery, are making use of the space every week and now enjoy a quiet environment for children to develop a love of reading.

Our next development requires your support. I have gone through the books we have currently and identified the gaps we have in specific interests and age levels. I have compiled a list of books that would begin to fill these gaps and I am asking if you would be so generous as to donate a book to school from this list.

The list is available here on the school website and allows you to click on the book you wish to purchase and it will come off the list. Feel free to share the following link to the list & web form:

We cannot accept money donations to buy the books ourselves, but ask that you purchase it in a shop or website and then send this into school with your child.

We will then complete a label that will be stuck inside the front cover with the name of your child, to let others know who has donated this particular book to school. If a book has been donated by a member of your family or friend then please let us know their name and we can put this on the label instead.

Can I ask that these books start coming into school after the Christmas holidays.

Thank you

Nicola Wilson

Read for Life