60 second update




This week we went to visit the Play, Read, Talk bus and we welcomed two new children to the nursery! We are looking forward to having some of our pets in next week for a visit.


P1B We have been learning about Scotland. We wanted to find out about castles because Scotland has lots of them so we learned about turrets, ramparts, drawbridges and dungeons. We have been reading some Scottish poems including ‘The Sair Finger’, ‘Twa-Leggit Mice and ‘The Bus Conductress’. We enjoyed drawing a ‘Macintosh Rose’ like the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Macintosh. We have also been learning o’clock and half past times.


We enjoyed the snow this week! Great weather for talking about freezing and melting. We went out and built a snowman together. We wrote about it in our story books. We had to remember to leave finger spaces between words and put a full stop at the end of a sentence. We don’t have reading homework this week but have a Scot’s poem to learn instead. We made pictures of The Loch Ness monster. Do you think it’s real?


We have started our new topic this week, looking at the life of our Grandparents, and Katie Morag (island life). We are starting to build our own map of Struay with the children each designing a part of it and choosing what materials they would like to use to make it. We have also been looking at time this week, and have started a new mission in our Big Writing Adventures.



The children in P3 have settled back into school routines well after the Christmas holiday. They thought hard about New Year resolutions and set themselves personal targets, including being more helpful at home!

Currently, we’re finding out about Scotland’s culture, traditions and language. The children designed their own tartan and used it to make fantastic paper kilts with sporrans. Then they wanted to add hairy legs and knobbly knees so the kilts look like they’re dancing energetically around the walls of the classroom!



Primary 4 have started to learn about the artist, Picasso and his work.  Over the coming weeks we will be doing a variety of Picasso style art using various media.  This week, we have started painting faces using two perspectives (face to face and profile).

As part of our art and technology work we are working with textiles this term and this week we have been learning how to sew. We have discovered that threading a needle can be quite tricky! In maths we are working hard on multiplication and are trying to learn all of our times tables.




Primary 6 have had a busy week, they have been preparing for their assembly.


They have also been carrying out some surveys around the school to collect data to analyse and create reports, line graphs and bar charts.



We have started our project looking at 1936 – 1946.  We have been finding out about the changes to the Monarchy during the early years of this period.  We are looking forward to finding out more about this time, especially World War 2.