SAMH – for Scotland’s Mental Health

SAMH is working hard to support provision of mental health services in Scotland and to improve attitudes and policies surrounding mental health.
They are looking into situations where young people have been referred to a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for support, but then haven’t been accepted by that service for various reasons. They want to hear from any young person who has experienced this scenario and may ask to include you/ your experiences in some research.

To contribute, fill out this survey and feel free to share with any friends, classmates, family members or other young people you know who may have experienced this sort of situation. (Perhaps they were never even referred despite needing help and support?). The survey is targeted towards the past 2 years, from January 2016.

“SAMH are committed to finding out more about why this happens and what happens to the children and young people who are not accepted on to the service”. (This may also interest those if ‘very quickly discharged’).