1st Response

East Lothian 1st Response service


Feeling at crisis point?

Are you dealing with long-term, mounting stress? Are you feeling unable to cope?

People can feel at crisis point for many reasons, including:

  •   Money or debt worries
  •   Unemployment or problems at


  •   Housing issues
  •   Changes in your health
  •   Family or caring concerns

    Whatever the issue, 1st Response can support you to resolve your crisis.

  • Please find updated leaflet promoting 1st Response (below) which offers support to those in distress or in crisis.  They provide face-to-face support throughout East Lothian, Monday – Friday.

     Please note that how people access this support has changed from a drop in service to an appointment system.

    An appointment can be made by phoning:

    07966 526 452



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