New Photographer

Wilson Photography.

With the first session resulting in many delighted parents, and orders currently being placed – there have also been some questions.
To find out more about why Wilson Photography were selected this year, to take over from our previous (very) longterm school photographers you are invited to take a look. Wilson Photography

Following the online link on each envelope sent home with the children, will show the alternative photograph(s) to the small proof on order envelope. Option to order online includes several days with a discount, but still results in same contribution to school.

The different poses – one with props, one without – is to offer a choice to the families, whilst maintaining quality of the photograph itself.


The look into alternative suppliers had to be linked to options available through procurement process with East Lothian Council.

All those companies were then approached [and other options we had explored had to be put to one side when process for procurement was not completed].

Information around their processes, ethos, costs / value for money and practical samples of work was gathered, as well as how they support the schools within fundraising and more. Options were also shared to PTA Chair for consideration.

Final decision was made with Mrs. Thompson and arrangements were put in place for this school year – linking to parental feedback / dissatisfaction shared previously.