zoo trip

P1 had a fantastic trip to Edinburgh zoo on Thursday. The session in the Education centre was both interesting and informative and enjoyed by all the children. It linked well to our current project about Safari animals. The weather was brilliant which helped us to spot lots of exciting animals. We managed to get VERY close to the tiger!
A great day was had by all.
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When Mum was a Girl

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P1 enjoyed the visit from friends and families to look at all the exhibits in their museum. They made maps, signs and labels to help them to show everyone around. Thank you to all the mums who supported the children by bringing in some of their ‘artefacts’ and to those who managed to join us on Tuesday afternoon. The children had fun finding out about their Mums when they were young and had great discussions about the questionnaires, in particular the answers about hobbies and favourite toys.

P1 Portraits

Here they are at last.  Sorry for the delay – technical hitches.  Our laptops are all being replaced tomorrow.  I think you will agree they have been worth waiting for.

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More Happy Days

Today we all had a walk around the school and talked about our first week. 

Next week we will be painting self portraits so look out for them on the blog.  Thanks to all the parents who have already commented.  I am looking forward to discussing them with the children next week.

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Happy Days

Thought you would like to see what we did in our first week at school.  It is great fun and the children enjoyed all the activities.   Don’t worry if you can’t spot your child today – more photos will follow tomorrow. 

Let us know what your first day/week  school memories are – either as a parent or a child!.  It will be a great resource for me to use next week with the children.


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P2/3 have made a start in the school garden. We weeded, added compost and then planted potatoes, radishes and nasturtiums. We also planted seeds indoors which will be transplanted later. Alex brought a lavender plant which will hopefully help to keep the cats out of our border!

Road Safety

As part of our Safety in the Community project P2/3 invited Bill the lollipop man to talk to us about Road Safety. The children asked him lots of relevant questions and Bill was able to give us good tips on how to stay safe on the roads. We were also very interested to hear about his job as a lollipop man.


P2/3 made some fantastic windchimes. We brought some from home to get ideas, chose suitable materials, planned, took great care in the making process and displayed our results. We are very impressed.

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The Art of Recycling!

P2/3 have been using recycling for our art sessions during our current topic of Materials and how they change.
We used twisted newspaper to make winter trees. We also used coloured plastic bags which we cut into strips and plaited to make bracelets and we used 3D junk boxes to make models.  What do you think of them?

Children in Need

Last week Primary 2/3 decided to raise money for Children in Need. We completed an obstacle course and were sponsored by family and friends. We also asked P1 and P1/2 to donate coins to cover a picture of Pudsey bear. After counting the money that was collected we led an Assembly for pupils and parents where we talked about the charity and some of the children they have helped. We sang “You, me just the same which was a song about accepting differences. We were very proud to have raised £320.

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