Floppy’s Snowy Day

Hello Primary 1, are you keeping busy?  Why not try to write a story or draw a picture – Floppy’s Snowy Day. What do you think Floppy would like to do on a snowy day in Pencaitland? You could bring your picture and writing in to school with you to show us all.

Hopefully we will see you all soon!

Mrs Kerr

Happy St Andrew’s Day

Happy St Andrew’s Day, Primary 1! Are you enjoying the snow? Maybe you could ask Mum or Dad to take a photo of you in the snow, or you could draw a picture.  We could show them to Floppy when we get back to school.  Hope to see you all soon!

Mrs Kerr and Miss Smith.

Because it’s there.

Today P7 were writing dramatic stories about the final days of George Mallory, one of the first British people to attempt to climb Mount Everest. Mallory and his companion, Irvine, both disappeared, and Mallory’s body was discovered by a climber more than 60 years later. The descriptive writing and imagery from P7 was fantastic, and our stories will be on display at parents’ evenings next month.  When Mallory was asked “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?”, he famously replied “Because it’s there“, and this quote is the title we gave to our stories.

Can you find out the story behind any of these famous quotes?

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

“I’m going out now, and I may be gone some time.”

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

Good luck!

Nursery and P1 glowing!

 The morning nursery group came over to join P1 this morning to take part in a live glow meet with Emily from the Scottish Seabird Centre. Emily told us the story of Percy the Puffin, and we all joined in with noises and actions. We even felt the spray from the sea thanks to Mrs Campbell and a bucket of water! Over 30 nurseries and P1 classes from all over Scotland took part, and we all thought it was great!

Julia Donaldson glow meet

Last Tuesday was very exciting for P1 because we had the chance to speak to Julia Donaldson using glow. Abigail asked Julia about her favourite books when she was in Primary 1. Then we found out the results of the vote – the winning book was “Stickman”. We were happy because we love that book, but we were secretly hoping “Monkey Puzzle” had won because that was the book we had acted out. Then Julia read “Stickman ” to us. Our glow meets have been really good fun, and it was great to meet Julia for the last week. Here is what some of us said about using glow:

“I liked using the microphone. I liked hearing my voice in the other classrooms.” – Euan

“I liked helping to plug everything in. My job is the microphone.” – Abigail

I liked “the Smartest Giant in Town”. I like that book and I liked how everyone acted out a different bit of it.” – Rory

“I liked seeing myself on the screen like I was on TV.” – Rowan

P1 homework

The tulips in my garden are starting to grow. What signs of spring can you find in your garden, or on your way to school? Post a comment here to tell us. We will read all the replies on Friday – Mrs Kerr

The Dragon Princess cafe

On the 6th Feb, P1 had a healthy cafe for all our parents and carers. We voted to decide on a name, and the name with the most votes was “the Dragon Princess Cafe”.  We had to choose a menu, make a shopping list and go and  buy the food from the Spar shop. Then we had to send out invitations, and get the clasroom all ready. It was really good fun, and we even told the customers some jokes from our joke book. Together with P1/2 we raised £65 to donate to the British Heart Foundation.

P1 video conferencing

This term P1 have been using glow to set up 5 video conferencing sessions with P1 and P1/2 classes in four other schools in Scotland, helped by Mr Kingsbury.  These schools are Longniddry and Athelstaneford in East Lothian, St James’ in East Renfrew, and Lairdsland in East Dunbarton. Our theme has been the books of Julia Donaldson, and this week we used puppets to each act out a part of “The Smartest Giant in Town”. Next week we are sharing “Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book”, and the following week we are having an “X Factor” when each school has to talk about their favourite Julia Donaldson book, and we will be voting for our overall favourite. The winning book will then hopefully be read to us by Julia Donaldson herself. It has been a great fun project for all the children involved, and we are all very excited to see the author in February.

Primary 1 update

P1 have learned a lot since our last post. We used torches, globes and lots of books to find out why it really goes dark at night, and now we know!

“The earth turns and the sun stays still” Josie SF

“At night, Scotland is looking away from the sun” Rory

We have also been practising for our nativity “Born in a Barn” and getting ready for St Andrew’s day.

P1 space project

In P1 we have started our new project about Night and Day. Mrs Kerr asked “Why does it go dark at night?” We said –

“So you know when to go to bed.”

“It goes dark because everyone is tired.”

This week we are going to be learning a bit more about it. Our reading tent is covered with balck material and we have torches inside it to try some experiments in the dark.

We have also been looking at textures in art work, and we looked at some sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy. Then we wanted to have a try!    We went down to the woods to gather some materials.   We brought it all back to the playground and spread it out to see what we had found, then we got creative!    What do you think?  This kind of transient artwork is very temporary so it was great we had our camera with us to capture the works of art.