Camp memories!

As you know P7 went to camp on the 26 April. We all had a wonderful time and loved all the activities. We made new friends, conquered our fears and shared lots of laughs.

We want to say a huge…

Thank You!!!

To all our parents and the school for making it possible for us to go. We’ll never forget it!

By Lydia

Chick cosys !

Today P7 went cuckoo making chick egg cosys!

We used the skills we learned during make do and mend (one of our ww2 projects before Christmas) to sew pieces of chick shaped felt and feathers together. We also added wings and googly eyes to complete our egg cosys. We really enjoyed making the cosys, though at first some of us struggled with the sewing. We overcame our struggles by helping each other and by not giving up. We are definately proud of the result.

Guitar Hero in art!

As part of our Guitar Hero project P7 have been designing guitars. We chose a shape or made up our own and then painted the pattern in water colour. Then we displayed them in our classroom. These are some examples:

By: Eilidh M & Lydia A-M xxx

Guitar Hero!!!

P7 have started their Guitar Hero project. Although we think it’s amazing to be able to play the game in school, the project isn’t just about playing the game. Lots of schools in East Lothian are doing the project to help us transition into high school.

So far we have mind mapped our ideas for how we can use Guitar Hero in all areas of the curriculum. We have also made up our bands, wrote character profiles, named our bands, designed logos and of course played the game!

It took us a while to decide on our band names but eventually we decided on these…

Shattered – Adam W, Guy, Cara, Annabel, Andrew.

Dynamic Pink – Eilidh M, Eilidh Mc, Rachel L, Rachel.

We Rock, You Roll – Lachlan, Calum B, Lewis.

Relentless – Morgan, Emily, Calum D, Connor.

Red Hot Ashes – Robbie, Lydia, Lucy, Mhairi.

Legends of Rock – Adam M, Jacob, Shereen, Sam.

We’re really enjoying the project so far, this is a couple of photos of us playing the game…

By Eilidh M and Lydia

Scots assembly!!

On Friday the 23rd of January, the whole school had a Scottish assembly. Every class did a song, a poem, drama or a scottish story.

P1 did all the parts of your body in scots. They were in pairs, each pair had part of the body in scots and the rest of the school had to guess what part of the body it was. Can any of you guess what the word boohokie means? P1/2 said the poem Och Aye. P5 said a poem that they wrote themselves, they also played the Sky Boat song on the recorder. P6 said the story of Herculese in scots and P7 did drama to a poem in scots called The Coming O the Wee Malkies. The whole assembly was a great success.

Then on Monday the 26th January, P5, P6 and P7 all had a happy assembly. At the happy assembly, Andrew, Rachel B, Hannah and Euan sang solos. The songs were Aluld Lang Syne, My Love ls Like a red, red rose and Scot’s Wa he. It was very good! It takes quite a lot of courge to get up in front of 3 classes and sing!

This is a photo of Andrew and Rachel B during their duet.

By Eilidh and Lydia


On Friday 23rd of January it is Pencaitland Primary school’s Scots assembly. Each class is preparing a poem, song or a little play of some sort. It is sure to be an excellent assembly!  Make sure that if your child has any lines, learn them before friday.

Lydia and Eilidh M x

Looking back at Christmas Dinner!

On the 9th of December the whole school had a Christmas dinner which p7 served. The whole school really enjoyed it. We had lental soup for starter, then for main course we had turkey slices, carrots, peas and roast potatoes. For pudding it was either vanilla ice-cream shaped like a star or jelly. The whole dinner was lovely!

It was really hard to serve because the little ones didn’t eat all their dinner so they finished really quickly, and the people who were scraping the food of had the most disgusting job to do!! The bins got really full really quickly and we had to empty them lots of times.

We really felt that we deserved our christmas dinner after all our hard work.

by Lydia and Eilidh.

Be Bright Be Seen

As it is getting nearer Winter, it is getting darker earlier in the evenings. Be careful when you go out in the dark and always carry a torch, when walking through dark spots. If you are playing out in the dark make sure you get back, before it gets too dark. If it is possible try to wear something bright or fluorescent.

We hope you all keep safe in the dark.

Andrew and Annabel (JRSO’s).

Remembrance Poems.

P7 spent time on Remembrance day, remembering all the lost soldiers and writing Remembrance Day poetry. Once we had shared our ideas and listened to some famous poems we got to work writing our own.

We then worked together to make a huge class display of our poems.

This is an example of our work, with a poem by Rachel B and a poem by Eilidh M.

The men who fought for us now lie, In Flanders field where they did die. Once a place where men’s brave cries, Echoed round throughout the skies. It now lies silent, but listen now, The Larks are singing as people bow, Towards the graves of the men, Who fought so bravely way back then. By Rachel B

Falling, falling, falling down, My heart is set in Flanders fields. Flanders fields, o’ the bonny fields. They shimmer in the summer breeze, The red blanket in which I breathe, My heart is happy where it is, Set in Flanders fields.

Flanders fields, o’ Flanders fields, We fought with dignity, My brother and my father too, Fought with their hearts in two.

In Flanders fields we all fell down, In Flanders fields. By Eilidh M