Didn’t They Do Well!

Congratulations to “The Bluebell” Group, a mix of P5 girls from P4/5 and P5/6. They are the joint winners of this year’s Saltire 2010 East Lothian School Poetry Competition. They were invited to perform their poem and receive their prize at a “Music & Literature Ceremony” at  St Mary’s Church, Haddington on Sunday. Unfortunately due to the adverse weather the service was cancelled. Enjoy reading their poem and then why not complete a fifth verse which I’ve started below!    
            “My East Lothian”
Where in East Lothian would I find –
Amazing views, the awesome kind?

The big Bass Rock and Fife o’er the sea,
Looks like a monster coming for me!
The big white windmills turning high in the air,
Look like aliens coming to scare!

Where in East Lothian should I plan to be –
If wildlife and nature I want to see,

Dirleton Castle for little birds, flowers and trees,
And in the rape fields you’ll find buzzin’ bees.
At Yellowcraig Beach lots of wee crabs hide,
Under the rocks safe from high-tide.

Where in East Lothian should I spend the day –
If from the noise I want away?

I’d go to Winton Woods to think alone,
To a spot by the Tyne, perched on a stone.
Or escape to the hills and sit by the lake,
The view is so pretty you’ll think it’s fake!

Where in East Lothian would I have lots of fun –
From start to finish until the day’s done,

Go to Dunbar and visit the pool,
The flume and the waves are really cool.
Or putt at North Berwick then have an ice cream,
Living in East Lothian is like living a dream!

                             By ‘The Bluebells’

Can you complete the verse below?  The Bluebells will choose their favourite!

Where in East Lothian should I go-
If lots of fun I want in the snow?


Had enough of playing in the snow?

Here are a few ideas to keep you busy:

1. Watch newsround or read a newspaper article and be ready to talk about it when you come back to school!

2.Write an acrostic poem using one of these wintery words – SNOWMAN, WINTER WONDERLAND, ICICLES

3. Measure and record how deep the snow is in your garden.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Smith, Miss McNally, Mrs Murdoch & Mrs Elder

Fit For A Queen

P4/5 had a fantastic day out to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. We were met in the castle’s Great Hall by “Mary Queen of Scots” and promptly whisked away to be suitably dressed as a Lady or Lord of her time! She taught us how to bow or curtsey, to walk majestically and to dance elegantly! It was great fun even though she was a bit scary!
At the palace we saw the room in which Rizzio was murdered and are still debating whether the blood stain is real or not!

[nggallery id=8]

Angles not Angels!

P4/5 have been out and about looking for acute, right, obtuse and straight angles. It was easy to spot them all on the climbing frame! We made angles using meccano and then using skipping ropes. Look out for our chalk drawings of angles in the playground before the rain washes them away!

A Rare Sight Indeed!

P4/5 are finding out about Mary Queen of Scots and were thrilled to read the article in today’s newspaper about the final letter she wrote to King Henry 111 of France, just six hours before she was executed! It is going on display in the National Library in Edinburgh on Tuesday 15th of September for one week only. Real evidence – 422 years old! Hope some of us manage up to see it!

Watch out Tiger Woods!

P5 are enjoying their firstclub golf lessons. They have been launching, chipping and putting the ball and on Wednesday played their first round of seven holes! They helped design the course set out in the school playing field. It really was quite tricky with water hazards, bunkers and trees to negotiate.

What did some of the young players have to say?

“It was very hard to chip over the climbing frame!” Ben Riches

“I liked playing in teams.” Hamish Hastie

“The tennis net made a good wall to try and get over.” Sula Callender

“The obstacles were fun but I kept losing my ball!” Chloe Laird


The results are good!

On the 18th of March P5 and P4 were visited by Mary Munro, a senior consultant with the college of Agriculture. We went into the garden and she told us about all sorts of different soils. She also told us what would help the plants to grow. We filled a little plastic bag full of soil so a sample could be taken away and tested to find out if we needed to put any more nutrients in the soil. On the 1st of April we got a letter back! We were told that we didn’t need to add anything to the soil – the pH, the phosphorus, the magnesium, the organic matter and potassium levels were fine. We can now plant out our garden.


Thanks Mary for your useful advice.

Sarah and P5.

Thanks P7 for your feedback!

P5 have just published group newspapers. They were written for 9-11 year olds.  Who better therefore than to ask the P7 class to give their comments?

Thanks P7.  Your two stars and a wish assessments were much appreciated.

Be Safe Be Seen

Look out for our reflective lettering!

P5 sorted out materials according to how good they are at reflecting light.

We then cut our initials out of reflective tape and now plan to stick or stitch them onto our school bags or jackets. It will help to keep us safe on the dark, winter evenings.

Smile Please!

In ICT, Primary 5 have been learning to use the digital camera. We have been snapping away throughout the school. Some of our photos are shown below. Our challenge now is to produce a slideshow!