EU Monopoly

Last term, our topic was the European Union and we learned all about the member countries. We have been set a challenge – to design and make an EU Monopoly game.



Here are some of our thoughts so far:
“We’re really glad that we were asked to do this activity because it has been great fun and we will be able to play with the boards when we’re finished.”
Annabel, Morgan, Lucy, Shereen and Cara

“It is fun working in groups and you can get lots of things done faster.”
Eilidh Mc, Lydia, Samantha, Rachel B and Mhairi

“We look forward to playing other people’s games”
Abby, Rachel L, Emily, Eilidh M, Calum D and Connor

“It’s very fun and a creative activity.”
Andrew, Adam W, Euan, Lachlan, Lewis and Guy

“We’re having really good fun making it and can’t wait to play other people’s.”
James, Robbie, Adam M, Jacob and Calum B


Wear it Pink

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Today we all had a pink day.  Everybody either dyed their hair pink or wore pink.  Primary 6 were given the responsibility for the day.  There were jobs for everyone.  6 people took photographs, 6 people stood in-front of the school and told everyone about the breast cancer campaign, 6 people collected the donations and everyone else was involved in the big count.  So remember THINK PINK!

 by Jacob and Adam

 Today we had a whole school assembly because it is WEAR IT PINK day.  We all had to wear something pink.  It was so much fun.

by Connor

 Today we were raising money for Breast Cancer Campaign by wearing pink.  At assembly we (P6) told everyone about the campaign and where the money collected would go.  The P1-P3s came into the assembly to show their pinkness.

 by Adam and Guy

PPS Christmas CD

Pencaitland  Primary School are doing a music cd for Christmas and will sell them in time for Christmas. There are going to be people coming to record us singing. P6 and 7’s have to design a Christmas cd  cover. The primary 1’s and 2’s will be singing some songs, the primary 3-7’s will be singing some songs and the choir are going to be singing some songs. Some of the teachers are even joining in!  We are all very excited!!

Eilidh, Shereen & Cara (P6)

The Spider Party

dscf1157.jpgToday Primary 6 went along to visit P1/2 and listened to their spider stories. P1/2 did really well creating their own spider booklets. It was a few pages long and had a handmade spider character hanging from the cover. There were loads of bright pictures inside and we liked trying to spot the shoes.dscf1153.jpg

Overall, we thought they were brilliant and good luck with your future stories. We hope you will allow us to visit again soon.
dscf1159.jpg dscf1158.jpg dscf1155.jpg dscf1156.jpg

P6 French

france-french-flag-thumb.jpgP6 have just started doing French and we all have been enjoying it so far. Last week we were trying some French foods: cheese, bread and apple tarts which were yummy.  This week we have been learning some French greetings words and we cant wait till next time. 

By Morgan and Emily

The Victorians

 Hi in primary 6 you have to do a talk on a famous Victorian Scot. I [Eilidh] did my talk on Samuel Smiles and my friend  [Lydia] did hers on Mary Slessor. It was great fun!!

In primary 6 as well, we have been making a room in a box for the Victorians topic. You can make 4 or 5 rooms & about 4,3,2 or 1 levels using a shoebox!  

Eilidh and  Lydia

The p6s have been spending quite a bit on building a room in a box. You use a shoe box and you make a Victorian house inside the shoebox. Lots of people had different ideas like dress shops ,houses (poor and rich).  There will hopefully be pictures on the blog of the finished models soon. 

James and Robbie




We would like to tell you about our art project this term. We are making a room in a box in pairs, our focus for the room in the box is a Victorian style house or shop we are doing a wedding shop with 2 floors. We will keep you up to date with our progress and post some more pictures when they are finished.

Abby and Rachel         


          dscf1149.JPG                  dscf1150.JPG