National Improvement Framework

nifdrivers600_tcm4-874835Diagram: Key Drivers

Launched in 2016, this is the pathway chosen to acquire data which can be used to target the desire to close the attainment gap and improve education in Scotland. Although some aspects are controversial, the concept is continuing work already started in terms of Parental Engagement.

“The Framework will see new and better information gathered throughout primary and early secondary school years to support individual children’s progress and to identify where improvement is needed. The data will be used to set precise milestones for closing the gap in attainment between children from the least and most deprived communities in Scotland.”

National Parent Forum of Scotland

We would like to share with you this website – jam packed full of up to date developments in Education and particularly focussing on what is important for Parents and Carers to know. Worth Bookmarking and checking monthly. The link to recent newsletters can be found here

The NPFS is actively seeking the views of all those caring for a child in Scottish schools in relation to a 10 year review of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006

and and a related ‘Call for Evidence’ relating to those working with children of school age

There is also another survey specifically for parents and carers of children with Additional Support Needs.

Have Your Say On Play: East Lothian Consultation


Last day to respond to this survey is 30th September ’16, so please do take a few minutes to give your views. They do count! The working group will review responses and this will help shape the new Play Strategy for East Lothian. Play is the key driver for how children develop and learn so be their advocates today 🙂

What’s your beef? from the Parent Council

Parent Council asks – What’s Your Beef?

Highland Cow belowing

A little ‘tongue in cheek’ we know, but the Parent Council is interested to know the deepest concerns or pressing questions of the wider Parent Forum. Equally, it would be great to know the things you most love and appreciate regarding your child’s time in school. If you are the parent or a carer of a child attending PPS, Nursery to P7, this means YOU!

So, what is it all about? Every year the PC meet regularly during term time and link with local councillors, a teacher representative and hear reports from our Head Teacher. We have the role of supporting the school in Parental Engagement, contributing to evaluation of and devising of the annual School Improvement Plan, being involved in discussing matters which impact the school from Strategic and Local levels and develop initiatives to have a positive role in the school life from week to week. The PC also links with cluster and East Lothian parent councils and then have engagement with the National PC group through East Lothian representative (formerly our PC chair). Training is available for various aspects such as Recruitment and Selection.

It’s worthwhile and interesting. It gives insight into the education available to, and the educational processes around your child and their classmates / school peers. It doesn’t need a background in Education from PC reps, just people interested in their children and a mix of skill sets. An action plan is developed based on current issues, changes and areas to be targeted for PPS, relating to Parental Engagement and assist, where possible, to develop the partnership roles.

In 2015/16 this included the 40th Anniversary Celebrations, Maths focus and supporting the pupils in positive actions relating to national and global charitable efforts. It has strengthened links between Parent and School Councils and the community in general.

Hearing a rundown of the Headteacher’s ‘looking back” over previous year shows the depth and variety of experiences our children encounter, using Curriculum of Excellence as foundation to learning and life. There is always a way each one of us can contribute to, and support that, but do you know how? Would you like to know more?

What do you believe could be better in PPS? Are you satisfied regarding Outdoor Play and Learning Experiences? Do you support initiatives and feel happy with school focus in broad general education? Do you understand the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), National Framework for Improvement and Named Person Approaches (and not from general media reporting of course). What is the area you feel most happy about for your child’s years in Pencaitland? Would you like to hear more about Parent Council work? Would you like to be involved in fundraising for the school?

Traffic Regulations for parking on and around The Glebe are being considered currently, open discussion around this and sharing of information from ELC was offered at recent AGM, we are now awaiting further advice from ELC and will use the Blog to update as much as we can. We all probably want to know more about school issues and get involved where possible, so share with us what you need to know more about. It helps all of us on the Parent Council form next steps.

Contact your class rep to share your views.

The Parent Council does not, of course, have a role regarding issues around specific children or staff, those are matters for school staff and ELC, but we are very interested in PPS as a whole and broader year / class issues where these lie within our remit.

The Week That Was….

The Week That Was news roundup

The Week That Was news roundup

With grateful thanks to all who helped in one way or another, to create the week of celebrations and fun, marking the 40th Anniversary of PPS.

The Digital Time Capsules continue with pupils contributing to one for “2016” and also the Personal Stories interviews for ongoing Living History project. We hope this will become a regular feature of intergenerational recordings, but in the meantime files are being uploaded from former pupils of PPS (either current school or the Public school which is now Castlesound Recording Studio) through interviews with parent council members. If you would like to get involved with this, please let a Parent Council Member know.

A 3rd was created to capture photographs and memories for the dressing of the school and is being added to, to create a “Making of the 40th Archive” and as much as possible will be formally archived to the John Grey Centre in Haddington to preserve the wonderful Headmaster Log Books and original newsreel text books as well as letters and information regarding ‘the new school’ and photographs.

PPS badge (Flor)

Even our lovely badge is to be added to the archive for future generations. (Make sure you get yours if you haven’t already; there are a few left but they were created as a very limited edition).