Eco update

We now have a new Eco committee who have already had two meetings to get to know what their role will be this year. Thank you to James and Ellis in P7 who were Eco reps last year and will help to keep us all on target this year. Your experience helps the new members. Every year we have to think up new ideas to help us be more and more eco friendly as well as keep up the good work like litter pick ups, recycling our paper, growing vegetables in our new garden, composting, switching off lights and saving water, being healthy, walking to school and looking after our school playground. This week your rep will be asking you for ideas on what we can do in school, here in Pencaitland, that will help the world. We are looking for your ideas of how we can act lobal and global! Put your thinking hats on everyone!

Look out too for when our new bins arrive in school! Thanks to Emily who came to talk to the whole school to tell us about recyling, reducing and re-using. We will get 5 new recycling bins for all kinds of paper and card and two new bins for glass, plastic bottles and cans. These will be emptied by East lothian Council just as our bins are emptied at home- so we will be helping to reduce the amount going to landfill from the county.

Getting the garden growing!

There was a ripple of excitement at this week’s Eco reps meeting. The seeds order has arrived! We checked the order off and sorted out the packets for each class. There were a few extra things too thanks to Mrs Wilson who had sent off for some other seeds. We should have a good selection of plants and vegetables. We went round each class and gave them their seeds. Next we nipped over to the nursery to unpack the garden tools and mark them with the school’s name. The nursery boys and girls have already planted early potatoes. We marked out an area for each class. Hope it’s good gardening weather when we come back to school after the Easter holidays.

World Book Day

Now celebrating its 10th year, World Book Day is the biggest celebration of books and reading ever mounted in the UK and Ireland. A partnership of publishers, booksellers and other organisations working together, World Book Day, promotes books and reading for the personal benefit and enjoyment of all, and encourages children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. Every school child in the UKand Ireland will receive a free £1 World Book Day Token to spend on a book or audiobook of their choice. This year in Pencaitland, we will issue tokens on  Thursday 5th March.  

Each token can be exchanged for any one of six special titles. Most large chains and many independent booksellers are participating. For more details check out:

Which book did you choose? What’s your favourite part of the story?

Remember to fill in the competition on the back of your letters boys and girls and bring it back in to school.

Eco Latest

On Monday morning we held an Eco meeting with representatives of pupils from every class in the school. Lachlan, Eilidh, Rachel, Morgan and James explained their responsibilities to the younger children. They reported on our litter pick ups and the exciting vegetable garden that our parents have started working on. Rachel and Eilidh even came to school on a Saturday to help out and take some photos of the new garden in the making for us all to see.

This year’s focus is on saving water and we wanted to make sure everybody in the school would try hard not to waste water so we made posters for each classroom to remind us.

It was great fun working all together. Have you seen the poster in your class?

2008 ECO mascot

Congratulations go to Rachel in P5 who was the overall winner of the Eco competition to design a mascot for this year’s campaign to save water.

We received lots of entries and it was very difficult for the ECO reps to choose a winner.

Rachel’s mascot is proudly displayed in school at the noticeboard at the front of the school.

Rachel won her very own water saving device for toilets called a water hippo and appropriately enough her friends helped her name the mascot Waterloo!

The Eco reps have been busy installing water hippos in some of our older style school toilets. We will let you know how much water we are saving.

The winning design

What do you think of Waterloo?

Eco update

The Eco reps have been busy. First of all look around in the school grounds and see if you can spot the new bird box that James put up! Lachlan and the whole team have begun reading our water meter to see how much water we save. We are looking for a new Eco mascot with a water theme this year and await the competition entries from all you creative pupils. Just a quick reminder then to everyone- when you are checking that all lights are switched off when we don’t need them – how about checking that the water taps are properly off too?

ECO News

The new ECO reps have been busy carrying out an audit to identify this session’s focus.  After much discussion it was decided to concentrate on water.  The new reps are Eilidh, Lachlan, Rachel, Elis, James and Morgan.  Keeping the display up to date is a major part of their remit.  I think the waterfall is fantastic.  What do you think?