Science in Nursery

Thanks to the generosity of the PTA children in nursery have recently enjoyed a visit from ZooLab. Tristan brought some of his friends along for us to meet – a python, a tarantula, a tree frog and some cockroaches to name a few. The children were fascinated and loved handling the animals and insects. The PTA have also funded the purchase of new science and technology equipment which the children are enjoying exploring. Next session, also thanks to the generosity of PTA and Parent Council, the afternoon children will get the opportunity to be archaeologists!
The afternoon children in nursery have also been having a great time learning about music, thanks to Charlotte MacMillan. Their lessons are very active and a huge amount of fun for both children and staff – Minim the Monkey and Crotchet the Cat figure regularly in conversations! Charlotte, who runs Hullabaloo (music lessons for young children) has volunteered her time to us and we’re very grateful for all her hard work to make music fun for all the children.

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Nursery News

Last session was very busy. We harvested some of our lovely garden produce, some of which the children then enjoyed for snack. Everyone took home some of our carrots and the consensus was that they were delicious! We were very fortunate during our People Who Help Us topic to be visited by a firefighter and two police officers. The children found both visits fascinating and had lots of great questions to ask. The afternoon children had a great time when Eleanor’s daddy came in and talked about his job as a vet. He brought some super resources with him and had all the children involved in making Scooby Doo feel much better.

This session has started well. All our new children are settled and enjoying their time in nursery. Everyone enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and this week we are learning about Guy fFawkes, how to be safe with fireworks and Divali, the Hindu Festival of Light.

Nursery gets Global!

The children in Nursery have been learning about the lives of children in other countries, particularly those who are not as fortunate as us. We read stories from Africa and after looking at pictures for inspiration, we made necklaces and masks and practised carrying things on our head – not as easy as we first thought!. This work led up to the launch of “The Backpack Project”, which was introduced to parents on Thursday and Friday mornings of last week – a big thank you to those who came along. Containers are now in the nursery cloakroom for collection of items. They’ll be there until the end of April (possibly longer) and I’m happy to say that some people have already started contributing!

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Winter Fun in Nursery

Firstly, apologies to those who have been waiting with bated breath for the latest instalment of the nursery blog. Rest assured, the children and staff have been busy during our radio silence!

The winter weather provided us with lots of opportunities for fun and learning – we went sledging and discovered the higher up the hill we started, the further the sledge travelled. We built snowmen in the sun and shade and watched to see which melted first. We’ve also talked about the problems the weather poses for our wildlife and made birdcake to help our feathered friends. It was great fun watching to see who visited our feeders. Most recently we have found out about Chinese New Year celebrations and made our own dragon, lanterns and fans and tried to eat snack using chopsticks (sorry for any additional washing this may have caused!)

A Winter’s tale

There’s a definite change in the air now, the weather even more unpredictable so a timely reminder from nursery to ensure your wee one has a warm jacket and footwear with them.

We have been talking about people who help us and the morning children were lucky enough to get a visit from the local police and a firefighter, which caused great excitement!

We’ve also been talking about dark nights, the changes in the seasons and keeping ourselves safe at this time of year. Over the next few weeks we will be investigating our senses, celebrating St Andrew’s Day, finding out about Hannukah and getting ready for Christmas… A busy time in nursery!

We’ve had lots of help from parents and grandparents this session, so a big thank you to them. Help is always welcome, so just put your name on the list at a time which suits and come and see what we do.

Bloomin’ Marvellous

Time certainly does fly – our summer term is almost at an end! Transition work for our P1s-in-waiting is well under way and the children have really enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Murdoch and Mrs. Berry. We’ve made a lot of use of the infant library over the last wee while and will continue to do so until the last week of term. Nursery children have also had a taste of school life when we attended assemblies given by P1,P1/2 and P2/3. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to take part in their own next session.

Our garden is coming along well and the children are  enjoying taking care of all the different plants. We’re hoping our first crop of tatties will be ready before the end of term. Scotty, our fairweather scarecrow, is doing a terrible job of keeping the sparrows off our seedlings though, so our radishes may not survive! We also have slightly more exotic fare growing in the polytunnel so let’s hope we get the promised heatwave – it would be lovely to eat our own home-grown melons and aubergines!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has helped in nursery this year and Good Luck to the new P1s. We’ll miss you!

Look and Learn

Parents and carers joined us this morning to look at and contribute to their children’s learning stories.   It was a great opportunity for parents and children to work together in their nursery.  We plan to build on the success of this morning and hold similar events in the future.

We are always happy to involve parents and carers and would welcome suggestions – so if you have any bright ideas just let us know.

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Food, glorious food!

If you’re a new reader, welcome to our Nursery blog and the first entry for 2009. The children returned to nursery refreshed and eager to meet up with their friends again. The afternoon nursery children were very excited to have some new friends joining them this session – welcome to Euan, Hope, Jack, Calum, Charlie, Robin and Angus.

Our topics so far this year seem to have had a culinary theme! We learned about Robert Burns and the children were all very enthusiastic about haggis, neeps and tatties. Several asked if we could have the same snack the next day! Chinese New Year followed and the children had a close encounter with chopsticks, which caused great hilarity at the snack table (forks were available for the less adventurous or the exasperated!). Our next topic will be Minibeasts. So far we have no plans for earwig sandwiches or snail porridge – but you never know!

Just a wee reminder that we are always happy to have parent helpers in Nursery. You don’t have to sign up for a whole session, just a time that suits. It’s a great way to find out how the nursery operates and what’s on offer for the children. If you’d like to come and tell us about your job, share a skill or interest or just generally join in with the children we would be happy to see you – we may even stretch to a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Deck the halls

It’s almost the end of another year and the children in Nursery have had a busy time. There have been lots of celebrations which generated some very interesting chats and art work with the children. Some of our younger children chose to dress up on the 31st October. We had two witches,one with a less traditional mode of transport! We have also been learning about our different senses and had a tasting session which included lemon and grapefruit – the children were very adventurous and tried everything they were offered (as did Mrs Campbell and Mrs Ross) The children also baked Pudsy biscuits which they sold to raise money for Children in Need. Thanks to those who supported them in this good cause.
Some of our children enjoyed the Bedtime Story event during our book festival week and we were lucky enough to have lots of volunteers to read to the children in nursery, so lots of thanks to the committee for organising this.

In the lead up to St Andrew’s Day the children have been listening to Scots stories and the afternoon children have been learning to sing “Wee Willie Winkie” which they performed at the school Scottish Assembly on the 28th November. We will begin learning our Christmas songs, which the children will sing to parents and carers at our Christmas party on the 18th December. You will also get to see the super displays which the children made to decorate the hall. Hope to see you there!

Coffee, cakes and conkers

The nights are fairly drawing in! The changing colours of the trees and the arrival of conker season has given the children in the nursery lots to talk about. We’ve had great fun collecting leaves of different sizes and colours, sorting, matching and printing with them and the children have brought in enough acorns to start a fair-sized forest!

The afternoon children had a surprise visit from Josephine, the Dental Health Hygenist, who brought along her friend Ellie, the dinosaur. Everyone had a turn helping Ellie clean her teeth, then cleaned their own with their new toothbrushes. This is now a fixed part of our afternoon routine and the children think it’s great fun (apart from my singing!)

We’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came along to our Macmillan Coffee Morning. It was a super day! The children loved helping with the preparations and it was a great opportunity for people to get together and enjoy coffee and cake in the sunshine, while the children played. It was great to have little brothers and sisters join in too. Your generosity helped us raise almost £85 to help support people living with cancer.