Value Award Winners for October

Congratulations to all those who were nominated to receive a value award for October.  The badges are finally in now and  each child now has a lanyard for when they receive a badge.  More details about why they received the award are on our Tree of Values display near the hall.

It’s great to see our values in action each day in school.


Struan- P5, Noah P1, Isla P1, Rory P4


Ruaridh P5, Isla P7, Holly P2R, Elliot P3, Danny P3, Finlay P4, Alissa P2B


Jessica P5, Oscar P2B, Sophie P6, Lily P2R,


Elliot P7, Grace P7, Heather P6, Robyn P3, Stanley P4, Lauren P1


Murphy P6, Fergus P6, Monty P2R


Our First Value Awards

A huge congratulations to those who have put our values into action in September.

Primary 1 Emily- Kindness

Evie- Kindness

Primary 2B Hannah- Respect

Theo- Ambition

Primary 2R Isla- Kindness
Primary 3 Ayesha- Respect

Sofia- Respect

Alfie- Respect

Primary 4 Daisy- Respect

Ella- Respect

Charlie- Respect

Primary 5 Hamish- Wellbeing


Emma K- Kindness

Primary 6 Emily- Kindness

Courtney- Ambition

Primary 7 Lucy- Ambition

Rosie- Ambition

Ruby- Ambition

Noah- Ambition


Pencaitland Primary Value Awards

At our last Celebration assembly we launched our new value awards.
Children were nominated by class peers or their teacher for showing respect, kindness, fairness, ambition or thinking about wellbeing.
To celebrate this and recognise their achievements, each child will have a lanyard they will wear to each Celebration assembly. If they receive an award they will get a pin badge to put on their lanyard. Hopefully children will collect all 5 throughout the year.
On our Tree of Values display, names will be added onto leaves to further celebrate our values in action.

This is still at the early stages but hopefully we will have it all up and running for our next Celebration assembly at the end of October.

Cross Country Competition

Well done to the children in Primary 6 and 7 who represented us in the Cross Country Competition on Monday.
Colin Riley won the boys category and overall, we won the small school category.

A fantastic effort by all and we will proudly display our trophy once we get it engraved.

Parking outside of school

I have just had a phone call from a resident in The Glebe with a few concerns about parents and visitors parking outside the houses around the school.  She also let me know that there are a few elderly ladies who are getting visits from carers up to 4 times a day and they are struggling to get parked near the ladies homes.  Can I ask that you are mindful of this at drop off and pick up.

I am looking at ways to make it safer for the children as well as being considerate towards our neighbours.  I will notify you of any changes I make with regards to the car park being open during certain times.

Thank you


Vision, values and aims

Where are we now?

The logo competition has now closed and during the In service day on 19th Feb staff will have a look through and decide on the winning entry.

We have also been working on the school vision and values and will share these with you hopefully by the end of the month.

Please remember to vote about  changing the colour of the sweatshirt too.


Nicola Wilson

60 second update




This week we went to visit the Play, Read, Talk bus and we welcomed two new children to the nursery! We are looking forward to having some of our pets in next week for a visit.


P1B We have been learning about Scotland. We wanted to find out about castles because Scotland has lots of them so we learned about turrets, ramparts, drawbridges and dungeons. We have been reading some Scottish poems including ‘The Sair Finger’, ‘Twa-Leggit Mice and ‘The Bus Conductress’. We enjoyed drawing a ‘Macintosh Rose’ like the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Macintosh. We have also been learning o’clock and half past times.


We enjoyed the snow this week! Great weather for talking about freezing and melting. We went out and built a snowman together. We wrote about it in our story books. We had to remember to leave finger spaces between words and put a full stop at the end of a sentence. We don’t have reading homework this week but have a Scot’s poem to learn instead. We made pictures of The Loch Ness monster. Do you think it’s real?


We have started our new topic this week, looking at the life of our Grandparents, and Katie Morag (island life). We are starting to build our own map of Struay with the children each designing a part of it and choosing what materials they would like to use to make it. We have also been looking at time this week, and have started a new mission in our Big Writing Adventures.



The children in P3 have settled back into school routines well after the Christmas holiday. They thought hard about New Year resolutions and set themselves personal targets, including being more helpful at home!

Currently, we’re finding out about Scotland’s culture, traditions and language. The children designed their own tartan and used it to make fantastic paper kilts with sporrans. Then they wanted to add hairy legs and knobbly knees so the kilts look like they’re dancing energetically around the walls of the classroom!



Primary 4 have started to learn about the artist, Picasso and his work.  Over the coming weeks we will be doing a variety of Picasso style art using various media.  This week, we have started painting faces using two perspectives (face to face and profile).

As part of our art and technology work we are working with textiles this term and this week we have been learning how to sew. We have discovered that threading a needle can be quite tricky! In maths we are working hard on multiplication and are trying to learn all of our times tables.




Primary 6 have had a busy week, they have been preparing for their assembly.


They have also been carrying out some surveys around the school to collect data to analyse and create reports, line graphs and bar charts.



We have started our project looking at 1936 – 1946.  We have been finding out about the changes to the Monarchy during the early years of this period.  We are looking forward to finding out more about this time, especially World War 2.






60 second update

Christmas is truly underway here!

We are rehearsing lines, learning songs, making wall displays and ordering goodies for parties.

Please make sure to get your tickets for the Christmas performance.


This week we have been making bunting to celebrate St Andrew’s Day, and practising singing “3 craws” and “Ye cannae shove yer granny off the bus”. We made vegetable soup and it was delicious

Primary 1R and B

The children are so excited about starring in the nativity! They know their roles and we have had our first run through on the stage. In class we are busy learning the songs. Costumes will be looked out next week! We have started a new study book – “Owl Babies”. What interesting fact can your child find out about owls?


Primary 2

This week we started our nativity rehearsals. We have all got parts and are excited about learning our lines and songs.

Primary 3

We’ve been feeling creative this week. P3 had great fun trying to create Rangoli patterns just using their fingers and salt… they did really well, it’s a lot harder than the experts made it look! Next week, we’ll try to do it using 4 different colours of sand. We’ve also been busy learning more about place value and have made ‘place value spiders’ to show our learning on our maths display wall.

Primary 4

As part of our Big Writing, we wrote a letter to Tiger to tell him our opinions about the aliens coming to earth.  We wrote in four paragraphs and used sentence openers and good punctuation.

We have been learning about electricity as part of our science work.  We read lots of books and found out where electricity comes from and we wrote down everything in a mindmap.  We learned how to make the lamp turn by making a circuit.  We used wires, bulbs, a switch and some batteries.  When you only use one battery and two bulbs, the light is dim.  We also learned about electrons.  They don’t like each other as they are negative and stay away from each other.

This week, we were given our own username and password for Google Docs.  We typed out sentences about what we have been doing.  We are going to use these for an online profile.


Primary 5

P5 have been learning the Canadian barn dance and the dashing white sergeant. We have danced both dances to traditional and modern music. We have been writing diary entries for our superheroes as part of our Big Writing adventure.

Primary 6

Primary 6 have enjoyed working together to create our Christmas display for in the gym hall.

They have also been gathering information about famous Victorians for their group presentations.


Primary 7

After the excitement of the visit’s to the Sheriff’s Court last week, this week has been a lot quieter.  We are working on creating an object to promote Scotland.  As well as creating 6 of the actual object, each group also has to create a 30 second TV advert, a poster and leaflet and prepare a sales presentation.  Should be fun!



60 second update

We have had the review team from East Lothian Council in school this week.  They were here on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They spoke to the children about their learning and all the wonderful opportunities at Pencaitland.  The team were impressed with what they had to say and commented on how the children were a credit to us.

Once I receive more feedback I will let you know how we can all work together to make Pencaitland even better than it is already.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nicola Wilson



All the children really enjoyed working with Mrs Davies in music again this week. We have also had a great time playing and sharing with the P6’s.

P1R and P1B

This week we discovered “ck” and “ss” are special friends! Outside we played lots of number games and have been discovering ways to split up 5. We have been learning about staying safe with electricity and know never to use anything electric near water.

Primary 2

P2 have been exploring volume within the classroom this week; estimating what containers would have the greatest capacity. We are learning to stay safe while we move around our community. We went on our first woodland walk on Tuesday, where we were thinking about what we could see and hear that could be a potential danger to us.

Primary 3

The children in P3 really enjoyed using clay this week to make little diva lamps. We’ve given them an undercoat in white paint and are looking forward to painting and decorating them next week. In literacy, we’ve been practicing using commands and ‘bossy’ verbs to help us write instructions. We’ve also been learning about place value and have coped well with using concrete materials to represent numbers. Another busy week!

Primary 4

This week we started our first Big Writing Adventure.  Our adventure is called ‘The Aliens are Coming’ and we have been working on descriptive language and adding more detail to our writing.  Throughout the adventure we will be learning to write in various genres.


We are continuing to enjoy reading Matilda.  Through hot-seating and a freeze-frame activity, we have been focussing on the feelings and actions of certain characters in the story.

Primary 5

P5 have been busy practising our Jacobite assembly this week. We have made targes, dirks and broadswords from paper -mache and re-enacted battle scenes. We have had great fun! We hope everyone enjoyed it this morning.

Primary 6

P6 have been learning about properties of more complex 2D and 3D shapes.

We have had fun doing stone artwork that was inspired by Newsround. They area almost finished and will be hidden around the outdoor area of the school for the nursery boys and girls to find.


Primary 7

Primary 7 have been to court this week.  We have visited the Sheriffs Court in Edinburgh as part of our Schools Mock Court Project.  More details and photos on the P7 Blog.

This has been a fantastic project to be part of this term.  Something like this is all about giving learning a real meaning and context. 

I am so proud of our P7’s and congratulate them in taking part and doing so well.  Everyone contributed to the success of this project. 

Nicola Wilson


60 second update


This week in the nursery we had our very first music lesson in the school with Mrs Davies, and we loved it! Outside we were experimenting with melting and we had to guess how long it would take to melt the big ice block. We are using our new shoe shop to measure our feet and compare sizes.

Primary 1R and 1B

We are still reading the book Six Dinner Sid and have drawn and made houses. P1B had to make rectangles and put on their houses as windows and P1R looked at the inside of a house and made a flap picture to see the inside and outside of a house. We are starting to think about being safe with electricity in our homes.

Here is P2’s 60 second diary.

This week in P2 we have been designing our own streets that we would like to live on. We have been learning about area in numeracy, and investigating area within our classroom. We have also been discussing, and writing about, nocturnal animals.

Primary 3

Our moon diaries are coming along nicely and we’ve noticed that we can even see the moon during the day sometimes!

We’ve started finding out about Hinduism and the festival of Diwali. The children were fascinated when watching film clips of experts quickly creating beautiful Rangel patterns just by using brightly coloured sand and their fingers! The children are keen to have a go at doing this themselves … we may do it outside, it’ll be messy!

Primary 4

This week we have been learning about Roman numerals.  We talked about where we might see Roman numerals nowadays (clocks, watches, names of Kings and Queens, credits of TV programmes and films).  It has involved some hard learning as we’ve really had to use our brains and mathematical knowledge to both read Roman numerals and to write our own.   We are building up to being able to read the dates at the bottom of TV and film credits.


Primary 5

We visited the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers street to see the exhibition on Jacobite’s. We walked down The Royal Mile to the Palace and learned about the life of Bonnie Prince Charlie.  We had a great time.  Thanks to the parents who came along to help.

Primary 6

Have been exploring WOW words to use in their writing. They have done this through the context of describing fireworks.  They have made bright and colourful displays to highlight all these great words.

Primary 7

Have been working hard this week to get all the last minute preparation done for their court dates next week. Robes have been finished, speeches rehearsed and we are ready to go!