Glasgow Science Centre gets a visit

Yesterday we went to The Glasgow Science Centre for our school trip.  It took an hour and a half to get there, but we used up the time by playing on our Nintendo’s and Ipod’s.  When we got there we walked in and got showed somewhere to put our bags and lunchboxes.  Next we went in a long queue to wait for the I-Max movie which was in 3-D. It was really interesting and was narrated by Tom Cruise. It told us about the huge International space station which was built by loads of countries and has people actually living in it. The 3-D affect’s were amazing, especialy when the rocket took off and when the orange got thrown at everyone’s eye. Then we had lunch and spent 15 minute’s on the 3rd floor which was full of fun things to try out.  One of the main parts was Car-Razy circuit’s were you had to build your own car out of scrap cardboard and straws. At the end you raced them and it was really good fun.  It was really hot in the lab but it was fun making and racing our car-zy cars. Sadly that was the end and we had another long bus journey back to school. Still at least we had our Nintendo’s and ipods. It was great fun and we reccomend that the next P6’s do it, and the gift shop was great and they had some great stuff!

George and Isla –  P6 amazingly superb Blogging team.


Hibs Tournament

With the P7s away at a Guitar Hero do, we (the P6 boys) got to compete in the Hibs 7 a side tournament. It was awesome. Our games were played in the big inside barn with real artificial grass. We played 3 games – we lost the first to Kings Meadow but bounced back to beat McMerry. We then lost our final game to Elphinstone but due to a mix up they had sent their P7 team so really we did really well.

We got a goody bag at the end with a Hibs football strip and a ticket to see a  game at Easter Road. Much better than being in school.

Harry & Rory (P6 Bloggers)


P6 Rugby Festival

Today P6 went to a rugby festival in Tranent (Ross High). It was great. Team 1 won one game but still really enjoyed it. Team 2 did even better, with all three of their games being wins and scoring a huge amount of trys. My team (Team 3) did OK winning two of our three games. The first one we lost was against team 2 anyway. When your team wasn’t playing a match you got to have a go on the tackle mats and crash bags – it was great. We tried to knock Mr Cain over when he had a go holding them. With about 10min to go it started to rain REALLY HARD! But we all enjoyed it anyway even the Parent’s and Mr. Cain!

George (P6 Amazingly brilliantly perfect superstar of the Blogging Team!!)


Pencaitland Primary Football Does It Again

Last Friday there was a local derby, with Pencaitland hosting our near neighbours Ormiston. Things were looking bleak when Ormiston took a 2-0 half time lead. However Pencaitland came roaring back to snatch victory in the second half. It was almost like watching Barcelona !!!

Then on Monday we travelled away to play East Linton. This was another close game played in sweltering heat and the score ebbed and flowed. However Pencaitland again emerged triumphant in the end with a 6-5 victory.

Our final engagement of the year is at the highly anticipated Hibs tournament taking place at Hibs training complex at Ormiston. We will be up against some large schools but I am sure we will do the school proud again.

Oh No Mr Cain’s Back !!

Miss Kay our student has gone but we’ve got Mr Cain back again. Monday was a great day. The best thing we did was probably the figure drawing for our folios. We got into partners and had to use our observation to draw each other. We had to use proportion to make sure all the bits were the same size. I Stewart) got to play in the school football team against East Linton and we won 6-5. Another good thing this week was getting to write stories in groups of three. We all started writing stories (4 pages) that Mr Cain will read out at class novel time. It took us over 4 days but each group managed to write 4 pages with a cover page and back page blurb. At LAST we got to start Guitar Hero. We made bands and on Wednesday we got to have a go on the game. We also used Inspiration to make mindmaps about what we could learn through the Guitar Hero game. Its gonna be really cool!Because we had worked so hard for Meadowbank Mrs Jones & Mr Cain let us play rounders for PE. It is a lot harder to catch a tennis ball than you might think. On wednesday we met our new girl Orla who was nice. We also talked through the traditional sports day which our class has to organise for the school.. At least we have already done the Red Nose Day so hopefully that will make it easier. We learned about trust and honesty in Keeping Myself Safe and Robotics was just fab because we got to try the robots without a controller and got them to draw patterns. Today (Friday) we learned about contour maps and made some models out of cardboard and of course played Guitar Hero at Golden Time.

Stewart & Harry – super bloggers


Robotics For P6

Today we had our first lesson of robotics! It was called robokid. We had about eight stages, first we watched a d.v.d which showed us how to build it. The next thing we had to do was fix a pen holder to the main body of the robot. The robot had already two back wheels so we had to attach a small metal bobble at the front to make it go. The next step was to attach the motors to the robot and connect up the wires. Lastly we had to put in the batteries. We connected up a cable between the robot and the control switch. Once we switched it on we had to press some buttons to get it into the run position. We got to test it out in the open area. It was fab – we made some boxes to try and drive round. We are really looking forward to our next lessons. Now the robot is built we can do different things with it.  We can’t wait.

 Glen & Isla – P6 Bloggers


P6 Are Surgeons !!


On Wednesday after lunch QMU came to teach us about feet and our pulse & heart beat. We split into three groups each with a QMU visitor.

Activity 1) We found out all about our pulse and heart rate. We had to put some of that cold jelly that your mum gets on her tummy when she goes for a baby scan, on our wrist. Then we mooshed it in and we got the monitor on it. Some of us had really loud pulses and others were quiet. Some of them were fast and others were slow. Then we attached a monitor on to see our heart rate. We measured it when we were sitting still and then after we ran on the spot or went mental. Our heart beat was much faster after that.

Activity 2) The man from QMU showed us how to do an operation to take off someone’s sore toenail. It was disgusting (but great). First we had to put surgeons equipment – blue shoes, gloves, apron, hat and mask. Then we had to clean the toe nail with a swab. After that we had to inject the toe with some stuff to stop iot hurting. We had to wrap a tight elastic bandage round it and keep it tight with special scissors to stop it bleeding (if it was real). Then came the gross bit. We had to lift up the skin around the toenail and pull the toenail out !

Activity 3) In this one the lady showed us real bones (not fake ones but really real ones). They were smoother and lighter than we thought. We then had to take our footprints. First we had to take off our shoes and socks off and walk on this special paper stuff. It left our footprint on the clingfilm bit and we could look to see which of our footprints matched the criminals one. Someone had Mr Cains biscuits and we had to work out who it was. Even Mr Cain had a go (and Jevon hid his shoes and socks so he had to walk about in his bare feet).

It was an ace afternoon because all the bits were really good and we got to do lots of stuff. We hope they can come back.

Kaitlyn & Harry (super Bloggers)

Speaking to the police and other classes over the computer

We had a glowmeet yesterday. We linked up our whiteboard so we could see and hear lots of different classes and a police superintendant. The day before we watched a podcast from the police about keeping yourself safe and we came up with questions we wanted to ask. At the Glowmeet all the schools in turn got to ask the policewoman their questions but everyone got to listen to the answers. I think the glow meet was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see different classes talk to the policewoman and it was also cool to listen to the answers of are questions. I was easily amazed by how you could see all the other classes. I liked it when we could see ourselves in the screen on the interactive white board. I am sure all the different classes took the information onboard that the policewoman gave us.


Harry (super-blogger)P

Red Nose Elections

Yesterday P6 organised an election to decide where the money raised by the school for Red Nose day would be spent.  There was a lot of work involved. Firstly all the classes had to be told of the 3 choices they could make. Then the ballot box and papers had to be made and finally they had to organise all the classes in the school to come and vote.  The 3 choices the pupils could vote for were

1) Help poor families afford to send their children to school

2) Help children who have to care for their families and so can’t go to school.

3) Help children who don’t live at home and so can’t go to school.

In the choice 3 won which means our money will go to projects that work with homeless children and help give them the care and support they need to be safer, happier and be able to go to school.   Well done to election team for all their hard work.

By Ellis & Arran (P6 bloggers of the week)