P5 Fair Trade Cafe


 Next week is health week at school.  P5 are having a Fair Trade cafe .We are inviting some of the schools neighbours and mums and dads.We have been designing invitation for them.

Feeling Happy

Primary one have been writing about what makes them feel happy. Please read Fiona, Douglas & Rebekah’s work. You can make the pictures bigger by clicking on them with your mouse.

p1-feeling-happy-reb.jpg      p1-feeling-happy.jpg  p1-feeling-happy2.jpg

Designing bicycles

How I made my bicyclebicycle1.jpg

The wire was hard to bend but when you wanted it back in line it was quite easy.  The pipe cleaner was quite like the wire but it was more colourful.I hated the straw because you couldn’t bend it with out making a mess of it.  The back round was quite easy to make.    

By Lachlan

bike-a.jpg      bikeb.jpg      bikec.jpg