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The winning design took elements from 3 different designs:

Isaac (P1R)
Niamh C (P6)
Sam (P7)

Well done to these three and to everyone who took part.

Can You Help P7?

P7 need a couple of Playmobil vehicles – a car and a large vehicle (truck or similar).  If you have either of these can P7 please borrow them for a couple of weeks?

Many thanks – P7

STEAM Friday – The Egg Challenge

For the past three Fridays P5, P6 & P7 have been taking part in the Egg Challenge – to create something from junk that will protect an egg when dropped on a hard surface.

In week 1 the considered the problems and planned their solution.

In week 2 they made their protective device.

In week 3 we tested them!

The results were very good with most saving the egg from any damage.  Unfortunately some were less successful!