Edinburgh Castle Trip


Children from both Primary 1 classes visited Edinburgh castle yesterday (Thursday the 6th). All the children had lots of fun. Primary 1X explored the castle on our own and visited lots of exciting places like the dungeons. We also went to see the crown jewels! After some time exploring on our own we had lunch in the Argyll Tower. The Argyll Tower has stunning views over the city of Edinburgh and we all really enjoyed looking out over the city as we ate our lunch.

In the afternoon we took part in a workshop where we got to dress up as some of the people who used to live and work in castles. Some of us were knights, others were cooks, lords and ladies, blacksmiths etc. The children all loved dressing up. We even got to handle some objects  from the past and try on some helmets and armour that knights would have worn.

We had a fantastic (and tiring) day and would like to thank our 3 parent helpers: Mrs Budgen, Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Higgins for all their help, support and enthusiasm throughout the day.

You can view some pictures of the children at the castle by clicking on this link:



Outdoor Maths


Primary 1X have been enjoying weekly outdoor maths lessons this term. We can still do all of our classroom activities, such as writing numbers, recognising numbers and adding, outdoors. We have had lots of fun learning outside and are looking forward to being outside in warmer weather.

The link below contains images of the children learning maths in the playground:




The children in Primary 1X have been busy learning about how plants grow this week. We discussed all of the different things we thought a plant would need in order to grow and agreed that plants needed water, sunlight and soil in order to grow. We created 3 experiments to check if plants needed these to grow or not.

For the first experiment we planted two lots of cress seeds. One set of seeds has access to water and the other doesn’t. We planted two more sets of seeds for experiment number two. The first set have access to sunlight, whilst the others are being kept in darkness. For our final experiment we planted some seeds in cotton wool and others in soil.

We decided that these experiments were fair and would help us to decide what plants need in order to grow. We are looking forward to finding out the results of our experiments.

We have also been learning about the different parts of a plant this week. We played a game of fastest pointer in the school garden, to show how many different parts of a plant we know the names for.

The link below contains pictures of us setting up our experiment and playing our faster finger game:




The children in Primary 1X have been very busy today. As part of our plants topic, we have been out in the school garden planting sweet peas and potatoes. Next week we will be carrying out a series of experiments to help us determine what plants need in order to grow.

The following link contains some pictures of us planting in the garden:


Walk in the woods



 As part of our outdoor learning week children from both Primary 1 classes went on a observational walk in the woods. We worked with a partner from the other class to listen for different sounds in the woods and to look for different colours. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun. The most popular activity was creating an imaginative meal out of materials they found in the woodland. The children created classic dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise with rocks and grass and used their talking and listening skills to describe their meals to another pair.

You can see the children in the woods by clicking on the link below:


Outdoor Maths


This week P1X have been learning outdoors in lots of different ways. This morning we played lots of different maths games outside and we really enjoyed it!

You can see some of the fun we had outside by clicking on the link below:


The mosaic coasters that the children created last week are now available for sale and are priced at £2.50. The coasters can be purchased by sending money into school with your child or, alternativley, will be available for purchase at the spring fayre.


Mosaic Coasters


The children in P1X have been busy creating coasters this week. We used glue and small tiles to create patterns on our coasters and we think they look great! The coasters are being made for the spring fayre- details to follow.

You can view the children making their coasters by clicking on the link below:




P1X create habitats for mini beasts


The children in P1X have been busy learning about mini beasts this week. We worked in groups to discuss all of the different things we thought a mini beast would need in it’s habititat and used these to create a criteria of what our habitats should include.

We then created a plan of how our mini beast environment would look and used these to create our very own habitats, using recycled boxes. We think we did amazingly well creating these mini habitats and have left them out over the weekend to see if we have convinced any mini beasts to find a new home! We will keep you posted.

You can see all of the fun we had learning outdoors by clicking on the link below:





The children in Primary 1X have been learning about mini beasts this week. We used an interactive programme (http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/vtc/minbeasts/eng/Introduction/MainSessionPart1.htm) to discover the kinds of places that mini beasts like to live.

We then went out in to the playground, and school garden, to see if we could find any mini beasts.  We found lots of centipedes, beetles and a snail. Some of us were very eager to hold the mini beasts,  others were not so keen! Whilst outside we also collected some worms for our classroom ‘Worm World’ (kindly donated to the class by Issi and family). This allows us to view worms in their own environment. We are all very excited about having ‘Worm World’ in class and look forward to watching our worms settle into their temporary home.

 You can view some pictures of our outdoor fun by clicking on the link below:


Eduardo Paolozzi


Eduardo Paolozzi

P1X have been learning about the Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi. He was born in Leith, Edinburgh, in 1924. We studied his ‘Head of Invention’ sculpture and picture, using these as a basis for our own artwork. We all had lots of fun making our pictures and we think they look great.

You can view all our pictures by clicking on this link: