Class reps meeting 24th October


Kilts for Kids day – charity event

school meals -themes

Helpers Game

Playground toys

We agreed

Charity event – Kilts for Kids day November 28th – P3/4 -P7 classes

Charity – We looked at Children 1st website and agreed Children 1st

Publicity posters to be finished for next Friday

Scottish theme for lunch one day that week

We did not have time for the rest of the agenda so have arranged an extra meeting next Friday – we will arrange a time when all the reps can come

Class Reps Meeting – 3rd October

We discussed:

suggestion boxes

request from cook

Suggestions from classes

a charity event

Playground rules

We agreed:

Classes must have a suggestion box or book by the next meeting

It was agreed to have the school cook at the next meeting

Some eco suggestions from classes were passed on to the ECO reps

There is no seets in the music room because it would be too cramped

P6 and P7 are not banned from the infant area of the playground but are not allowed to run there and are discouraged from playing too much with the younger children – we must allow the younger children to be more independent

We decided to have a Kilt day on November 28th and raise money for charity – which charity will be decided at the next meeting.

Items for the next agenda

Themes for school meals, Helpers game, Toys for the playground,

Playground play leaders, Middle school toilets.

Class Reps meeting – 30th May

It is now nearly the end of the session and we need to start thinking about the reps for next session.  All elections will take place next week. 

Some class reps wish to continue for a second session which is OK under our constitution.

Primary 6 and primary 7 classes next session should also elect the ECO reps for 2008-2009.

There shall be approximately 14 members on the Pupil Council.  This will break into 2 sub committees – 1 class rep per class P3-P6 and 8 ECO members.  The ECO members will be elected from the P6 and P7 classes – 2 from p6 and 6 from P7, including two junior road safety officers.

Our next meeting will be a social event to meet the new members.

Finlay Munro

Class rep meeting – 9th May 2008

Today we discussed

The possibility of a new baskerball net
Can we come into school with no bells ringing
A fun day to raise money for charity
Pupil Council Fun Day
Netball and football pitches

We agreed

We decided we did not need new basketball nets for the gym.

We thought this was a good idea but we will have to discuss it with Miss Ross and the teachers.

We decide to have a pyjamas day to raise money for the cyclone in Burma.This will be held on the 6th of June more -details to follow.

We have asked Mrs Wilson to arange the football and netball pitches to be re-painted.

Written by Anna Boath.

Class Rep meeting – 2nd May 2008

We discussed

A pet day
Water fountain in upper area
A cheerleading club
Playground signs

Action taken
The pta have organised a wildlife photography competition and the p7’s are planning some more before the end of term.

A pet day would not be a good idea as many children have allergies.

We voted we do not need another water fountain in the upper area.

We voted not to get a cheerleading club.

The PTA kindly gave us £110 to spend on some wildlife signs for the playground we chose the signs on page 48.Look at our notice board to see them. We will give the signs to the eco commitee to site around the school.Finlay will fill out the order form and give it to Mrs McBey

Written by Anna Boath p7

Class reps meeting – 14th March

We discussed

The fun day – a mixed response – pupils who did not get to be teachers were disappointed

Issues from classes – glue sticks, Accelerated reading books in the upper area

Playground issues

Action points

We asked Miss Ross for more glue sticks and these have been ordered.

We requested a compost bin in the lunch hall

We decided no rugby to be played on the concrete part of the playground

P6 will be responsible for putting out the friendship stop.

P1-P7 will all be allowed in the quiet area – Sandra Samuel Area

We discussed the idea of a path leading up to the quiet area and would discuss this with the ECO reps

Class Reps Meeting

Class Reps Meeting -15th February

Today we discussed:
Matters arising
Blog leaflet for parents
Pupil questionnaire
Suggestion Banner
Class Issues

Action points
We decided to:

Have the blog leaflet completed and sent out by the end of March.
Include P3 in the questionnaires for pupils and discuss at future meetings.
We decided to make posters at the next meeting,no agenda.
We came up with the fantastic idea of letting the children teach – class reps will tell their classes more – this will be held on the 7th of March. Each class will have 5 pupil teachers.

Keep checking the blog for updates.

Class reps meeting

The class reps met today and discussed:

roles for the committee members

blogging questionnaires from parents

whether we wanted to blog.

We decided;

Finlay is the new chairperson
Anna is the secretary
We will produce a leaflet to help parents access the blog
We will start blogging
We will encourage people to make more suggestions for class reps to discuss.

We will keep you updated on our progress.