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With the focus on Growth Mindset and Emotional Resilience this academic year, it may be helpful to consider how we can promote and support this at home too, as parents and carers.the-growth-mindset-i-can-get-smarter-large

It is particularly reassuring to know that the more we build this empathetically and consistently, in our young children, the better equipped they are to deal with the considerable challenges of life as adolescents, and into adulthood.

The strongest resilience comes through strong attachment with caregivers (this can include staff in Nursery and School etc) from birth through key years as children develop. It also affects teen years (which seem to start earlier and earlier given influences around), so this article may be interesting too.

Raising Children with Confidence.


This is a seven session course which aims to give all parents and carers the chance to explore emotional health and wellbeing and consider how they can best promote it in themselves and their children. Drawing on the latest research it helps explain why parents’ actions make a difference to their children’s emotional wellbeing and future positive mental health. This programme is suitable for parents and carers of children aged 0-11yrs. Courses are held each term throughout the city in primary schools and community venues. Raising Children with Confidence is part of the Growing Confidence project. Also has information around a suite of training courses designed and first implemented in Edinburgh.

Raising Children with Confidence (RCWC) – for parents and carers of children aged 0 – 10 years.

Confident Staff, Confident Children (CSCC) – for multi-agency practitioners (i.e. professionals working with children in early years, educational and community settings).

Raising Teens with Confidence (RTWC) – for parents and carers of young people aged 11 – 16 years.

Teenage Brains and Behaviour Series (TBBS)– for multi-agency practitioners (i.e. professionals working with young people in educational and community settings).

Cool, Calm and Connected (CCC) – for young people aged 11 – 16 years (used as part of PSE curriculum)

Parental Involvement – Growth Mindset

Worrying reports and statistics grow annually leading to what is now referred to as a Mental Health Crisis for Adolescents and Young Adults. This article from Herald refers to Scottish teenagers in Meltdown.

Health and Well-being has to be as high on the agenda as Academic approaches, which is why Growth Mindset Strand is one of 3 chosen for PPS to concentrate in this year’s Improvement Plan – fully supported by the Parent Council. The key theme is Resilience and approaching this in a healthy understanding and caring way has started with the introduction of “Big Deal, Little Deal.”


National Improvement Framework

nifdrivers600_tcm4-874835Diagram: Key Drivers

Launched in 2016, this is the pathway chosen to acquire data which can be used to target the desire to close the attainment gap and improve education in Scotland. Although some aspects are controversial, the concept is continuing work already started in terms of Parental Engagement.

“The Framework will see new and better information gathered throughout primary and early secondary school years to support individual children’s progress and to identify where improvement is needed. The data will be used to set precise milestones for closing the gap in attainment between children from the least and most deprived communities in Scotland.”

Have Your Say On Play: East Lothian Consultation


Last day to respond to this survey is 30th September ’16, so please do take a few minutes to give your views. They do count! The working group will review responses and this will help shape the new Play Strategy for East Lothian. Play is the key driver for how children develop and learn so be their advocates today 🙂

Pencaitland Primary Living History

Over the coming weeks the Living History team hope to capture for posterity the experiences of people over the previous 40 (or even more) years that the school building in the Glebe has been in use by the local community in and around Pencaitland.

To jump to a specific recording just click the name below

Wendy Davidson
Elaine McCormack
Denise Brown
Jim Gillies
Alec Robertson

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PPS 40th Anniversary: Sending Time Capsule Treasures or 2016 Snapshots

An official invite to the new school opening in 1976.
An official invite to the new school opening in 1976.


To make it as easy as possible to send in your digital memories for the 40th Anniversary Digital Time Capsule, we’ve created the email links below. Just click the link which most closely matches what you want to send in and it should open up your email software to allow you to send in your attachment. Just one per email please.

You can send in any of the following:

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