Pencaitland Clean Up – 7 May

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Community Council is running the annual litter collection.

If you would like to take part please email Frank Stacey for details or just turn up at 10am on Saturday  the 7th of May at Trevelyan Hall.

On behalf of Pencaitland Community Council.


RAG BAG Textile Recycling Scheme

As part of our ongoing ECO work we will be taking part in the RAG BAG Textile Recycling Scheme this year.  The next collection will be from school on Tuesday 8th March.  Start looking out unwanted textiles, including all types and quality of clothing, paired shoes, bags, hats, belts, towels, soft toys, curtains and bed linen. All items must be clean and dry.  There is also a BOOK REUSE SCHEME for all unwanted textbooks, library stock, general literature and novels.  These items are sorted and reused where possible.  They DO NOT ACCEPT exercise books, dictionaries, journals, magazines or newspapers. Continue reading “RAG BAG Textile Recycling Scheme”

RSPB Birdwatch 2011

Today we are taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch 2011.  Each class is taking it in turns to watch and record the birds that they see.  We will gather our results and send them in to be counted.

The nursery helped us out by making bird cakes which we have hung in the trees and we have put out some feeders to tempt the birds to come out of hiding on this chilly day.

Start the new year with a spot of recycling!

You will probably have started the big clear up after the Christmas and New Year festivities, if you haven’t already recycled your old Christmas cards at Tesco, WH Smith or TK Maxx then remember that you can send all of them in to school and the Eco Committee will be arrange for them to be recycled.
We will also be collecting textiles for recycling in Feb/March (date issued as soon as it is confirmed) as part of our Rag Bag Campaign, so if you are having a clear out to make space for new clothes bought in the sales then put them aside and then we’ll let you know when to send them in to school.

Thank you

Eco Committee 2010-11

New Birdbox for PPS

Before Christmas the PTA bought us a new birdbox – but this isn’t just any birdbox, it’s a Marks and …. (sorry, got carried away there!).

Seriously though, this isn’t just any birdbox.  It’s got a built-in camera, powered by a solar panel, that transmits the pictures and sound wirelessly into the school where any of the classes can watch what’s happening.

Richard from the Ranger Service came out to put it up for us, ably assisted by Mrs McCall and members of P3/4.  So far there’s been nothing inside, but it’s still early.  Watch this space for news!

Green Flag

Well done everyone. We are delighted to let you all know that following a visit by two assessors from Eco Schools Scotland on Friday 15th January, we have been awarded our THIRD GREEN FLAG. The visitors attended a whole school assembly led by the Eco Committee pupils who gave an overview of our work and plans for this session. We all sang along to some adapted eco songs with an original verse suggested by our own children. P4/5 accompanied the singing on their home made recycled junk instruments. The visitors were treated to a tour of the school, classes, grounds and of course our fabulous garden. The Eco representatives included Eilidh Wilson as a parent representative and Richard English from the ranger service. It was great to be able to show what fantastic support we have from parents and the community. Thank you. Watch out for the new flag flying when it arrives.

Feed The Birds

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It is difficult for birds to find food during the winter months.  Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 decided to help by making bird seed feeders. We used a mixture of bird seeds, lard, raisins and grated cheese to make a sticky cake which we then put into empty yoghurt pots.  We hung up our feeders on the trees around the school and hope that the bird enjoy our creations.

Christmas cards recycling.

Happy New year and welcome back to everybody. It was great to be back at school and hear everybody’s Christmas news. Before Christmas the children in school did a poll on whether to send each other Christmas cards in school or not. Despite their concern for the environment the children really wanted to celebrate with cards so opted instead for recycling Christmas cards.

Please send in your cards and we will gather them up and recycle them through the Woodland Trust whom we have supported previously with the Yellow Pages collections. Just a reminder you can now recycle your Yellow pages through the normal domestic collections.

We look forward to a bumper pile of cards-thank you!

Getting the garden growing!

There was a ripple of excitement at this week’s Eco reps meeting. The seeds order has arrived! We checked the order off and sorted out the packets for each class. There were a few extra things too thanks to Mrs Wilson who had sent off for some other seeds. We should have a good selection of plants and vegetables. We went round each class and gave them their seeds. Next we nipped over to the nursery to unpack the garden tools and mark them with the school’s name. The nursery boys and girls have already planted early potatoes. We marked out an area for each class. Hope it’s good gardening weather when we come back to school after the Easter holidays.

Thank You

The class reps are pleased to announce they raised £75 from their Kilts for Kids day.  This money has been donated to to Children First to support children in Scotland who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Last week a collection for Water Aid was taken at the afternoon and evening performances of Born In a Barn. The nativity show was performed by P1, P1/2 and P2/3. The eco reps and everyone at school would like to say a huge big thank you for your generosity to our Water Aid Appeal. We have been working on saving water in school and this made us think about all the people who do not even have access to safe drinking water and we decided to help. With your help we have raised £260.66 A twin tap for a village costs £18 so we will be able to buy 14 taps so far.  (We hope to add to this total with the offering from the Christmas Service.)

We all enjoyed the show and we know that other boys and girls will enjoy a better life as a result.

By Pupil Council