Christmas Jumpers Time.

Christmassy Fun with P6

Step 1 – look out last year’s Christmas jumper or top and check if it

Christmas Jumper day at PPS
Primary 6 are inviting a Christmas Jumper share, and wearing with pride as part of their fundraiser.


Step 2 – If it doesn’t, bring it to the P.6 swap shop.  (Take in by 6th Dec).

Step 3 – Choose something from the swap shop if you don’t have a jumper or top for this year. (Donations welcomed but completely optional).

**Opens on Monday 9th Dec.**

Where? – Playground                                                          When?  – Stall will be set up at the end of each day.

Step 4 – Wear your Christmas gear on Friday 13th Dec – and if you can, bring a donation too to help us fundraise for Save the Children.


A blast from the Past

Yesterday, Primary 1/2 held a class museum to showcase their work on the project ‘When Mum Was a Girl’.  Parents, grandparents and friends were invited to come along to see what the pupils had been learning over the last few weeks.  Everyone worked really hard. For homework, the pupils asked their mum a few questions about life when they were young and we used the answers to make graphs and signs to display in the museum.   The mums sent in ‘artefacts’ from when they were a girl, many of  which brought back fond memories for the visitors.  The pupils made signs, labels, maps and guidebooks to help the visitors during their time in the museum.  The afternoon was very well attended and the pupils enjoyed showing the visitors around the exhibits and taking photos.  The audiotour was very popular, as was the music from the 80s!   Thank you to everyone who supported us both on the day and for providing lots of interesting exhibits.

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Feed The Birds

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It is difficult for birds to find food during the winter months.  Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 decided to help by making bird seed feeders. We used a mixture of bird seeds, lard, raisins and grated cheese to make a sticky cake which we then put into empty yoghurt pots.  We hung up our feeders on the trees around the school and hope that the bird enjoy our creations.

It was on a starry night….

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On Wednesday afternoon and evening the infant department performed their nativity play.  The children worked really hard to learn their lines and the song words.  Everyone was fantastic – well done!

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The Ruthless Romans visit Pencaitland!

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P2/3 welcomed their family and friends to their classroom this morning to an exhibition of their Romans work. The children have worked in small groups and pairs for the last 6 weeks and have completed a huge array of art work, artefacts and even built time machines to travel back 2000 years and meet a real Roman family. Parents were treated to a guided tour of the classroom, listened to the children sing and even sampled some Roman foods and drink. Everybody had a great time and should be very proud of their acheivements.

Pencils R Us

Yesterday, Pencils R Us, the P3/4 stationery shop opened ‘its doors’ for the penultimate time this session. We have all had a lot of fun, taking on responsibility for stock control, selling, counting the money and crowd control (a very important role at busy times!)

With the profits made, we recently rewarded ourselves with a Bopit game for the class. We will be opening the shop for the last time this session on Thursday 18 June and look forward to seeing you there.

Sharing Experiences

On Friday, P3/4 shared their Outdoor Journey experiences with the upper school. We also had a visit from a number of people from Edinburgh University who were interested in finding out what we had been up to.

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A wee bit o’ Burns

This afternoon, P3/4 and P4 had their Burns Supper rehearsal which was performed to the whole school. We are very much looking forward to the evening performance tonight. We will keep you posted on our success and will let know how much we raise for charity.

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